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Miller’s Mid Year Session {Puyallup Baby and Family Photography}

I just heard that it was the fifth wettest October on record in the area.  Once the rain has come, it’s hit hard, which has meant some rescheduling.  It sure is always worth it when we get a day like this right after.

I always love meeting up with Meghan.  She is so easygoing and fun to visit with. Her girls are  a breeze to photograph too and Maebry was grinning and laughing the whole time.  It was officially Miller’s mid-year session in her Baby’s First Year package and Meghan had purposefully waited until she was able to sit, so we were able to shoot her sitting between their legs, like we did at Maebry’s mid year session.  Miller is a honey of a baby with a sweet countenance and great personality.  Meghan says she’s lucky to end up with two girls like them, but I believe the love she’s poured into them is pretty evident.

A while back Meghan mentioned on Facebook that one of her favorite things to do at night was to look at pictures of her girls….and now she has a bunch more photos of her sweethearts to add to that collection!  Thank you for a great afternoon.

1-MillerMidYear-903-MillerMidYear-304-Miller Mid Year Session October 201405-MillerMidYear-606-MillerMidYear-807-MillerMidYear-1508-Miller Mid Year Session October 2014109-MillerMidYear-1710-MillerMidYear-2011-MillerMidYear-2312-MillerMidYear-2613-MillerMidYear-3114-MillerMidYear-3715-MillerMidYear-3616-Miller Mid Year Session October 2014217-MillerMidYear-4118-MillerMidYear-4419-MillerMidYear-4620-MillerMidYear-4821-Miller Mid Year Session October 2014322-MillerMidYear-6423-MillerMidYear-6524-MillerMidYear-6625-MillerMidYear-6826-MillerMidYear-69

At the end we popped down to the pumpkin patch a couple miles down the road for a few pictures in their costumes.27-MillerMidYear-7228-MillerMidYear-7629-MillerMidYear-7830-MillerMidYear-8231-MillerMidYear-86


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When it All Comes Together- Fall Family Pictures

Most of the time, family pictures have a dicey factor ( or two or three)….a grumpy little, some looming rainclouds, a mom who’s feeling anxious, an over crowded location.  It’s not a big deal and we always make things work. Every once in a while it all comes together perfectly and feels way too easy.  Perfect weather and light, a gorgeous park, amazing fall colour,  two beaming preschoolers and a family that was happy to play together.  Bliss.  Thanks, Lark and Warren, for bringing your beautiful family for me to play with.


Ummmm, hello genetics!07-Lampman-1208-Lampman-1509-Lampman-1710-Lampman-2011-Lampman-2512-Lampman Fall 2014113-Lampman-2814-Lampman-3015-Lampman-3216-Lampman-34

Dance par-tay!17-Lampman-3518-Lampman.4019-Lampman Fall 2014220-Lampman-4521-Lampman-4722-Lampman-4823-Lampman-4924-Lampman-5025-Lampman-5226-Lampman-5527-Lampman-5628-Lampman-5729-Lampman-58

Photobombers!30-Lampman-6231-Lampman-6332-Lampman-6433-Lampman-7034-Lampman Fall 2014335-Lampman-7436-Lampman-7537-Lampman Fall 2014438-Lampman-7739-Lampman-7840-Lampman-7941-Lampman-8742-Lampman-8943-Lampman-91

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Mielle is One!

What a difference a year makes!  This was session four in Mielle’s Baby’s First Year Package and this sweet girl is on the move. She’s grinning, laughing, clapping, pointing and would love to be running and is allllllmost there.  As always, my favorite way to photograph a baby or child is in the context of their family.  Cathie and Timon run at my speed with family photos and are  awesome at just playing with the kids, using a little bribery, and having fun.  It’s always fun to chat along the way and catch up.  There are a lot of photos in the gallery of Mielle but also lots of the family.  What a treat it is to document this time.  I tried to catch some of the dynamics that will look very different in a few years.  Thanks, Cath and Timon and hugs to Mielle and Teis! 01-MielleOneYear-102-MielleOneYear-603-MielleOneYear-1004-MielleOneYear-805-MielleOneYear-1106-MielleOneYear-1207-MielleOneYear-1308-MielleOneYear-1509-MielleOneYear-1810-MielleOneYear-1911-MielleOneYear-2312-MielleOneYear-2613-MielleOneYear-2714-MielleOneYear-2915-MielleOneYear-3016-MielleOneYear-3217-MielleOneYear-3418-MielleOneYear-3519-MielleOneYear-3620-MielleOneYear-3821-MielleOneYear-4022-MielleOneYear-4223-MielleOneYear-4424-MielleOneYear-4525-MielleOneYear-4726-MielleOneYear-5027-MielleOneYear-5228-MielleOneYear-5329-MielleOneYear-5630-MielleOneYear-5732-MielleOneYear-6233-MielleOneYear-6434-MielleOneYear-6735-MielleOneYear-7036-MielleOneYear-7137-MielleOneYear-7238-MielleOneYear-7539-MielleOneYear-8040-MielleOneYear-8141-MielleOneYear-8342-MielleOneYear-8643-MielleOneYear-8744-MielleOneYear-9045-MielleOneYear-9146-MielleOneYear-9247-MielleOneYear-94



More Pink on the Way {Auburn Family Photography}

Shan and Shauna make some very beautiful girls and they are adding a little more pink to their family.  Their warmth and faith and commitment make them  a pleasure to be around, and I always enjoy visiting and catching up with them.  Vivi and Reagan are super sweethearts, so engaging. Little  Vivi was not so keen on giving my puppet back to me once she caught Mousie, as any almost-two-year-old would be! Thank you for coming out and giving me the opportunity to do a mini session with you and document this special season in your lives. (And Shauna, you make pregnancy look like a piece of cake….you are so beautiful!)




Loving Zeb in the Fall Sunshine {Auburn Family Photography}

Loved spending my morning with these three.  The love that Adam and Shana have for little Zeb is  wonderful and their lovebug is a  little cuddler who’s soaking up all the affection and attention they are pouring out on him.  It’s so fun to photograph people that I really enjoy and to spend our time walking around between pictures, chatting about parenthood, plans for the holidays and how life is pretty great with a special little person to love.  We ended up with some beautiful morning light and Zeb was perfect, finally giving a little squeak when I kept him way past his feeding time, and once his tummy was full, he settled right in again.  Adam and Shana, much love and blessing to your beautiful family.






Some Dancing in the Sunshine {Tacoma Family Photography}

There’s a whole lot that I love about photography but one of my very, very favorite things is the opportunity to document families as they grow and change.  When I first started my business five years ago, photographing newborn Ellie was one of my first opportunities.  Since then I’ve photographed their family a whole lot of times, more than I can count right now.  They’ve added Charlie and I love to hear about what the kids are doing and learning when we get together.  One thing that’s always been consistent through the years is the connection that they have and the value that I see in their family every time we are together. Moni and Sharleen are always laid back and happy to play around with the kids to get the images that feel like “them”.

On this night, Charlie started out by looking at me like I’d lost my mind and by the end he was dancing a jig.  Ha!  Ellie had just woken from a car nap (not the easiest thing to bounce back from!) but soon was flashing me her happy smile.  At the end, she presented me with a big tupperware full of banana chocolate chip muffins that she and her mom had baked, and my heart was full.

Thank you again for this opportunity to spend time documenting your beautiful family!




A Wonderful Family in Their Squeaky New Home

One of my very, very, very, very favorite parts of family photography is growing up with families.  I think it’s my fifth time with Ashleen and Gord and their family and I really look forward to spending time with them!  I feel like they know how I roll with kids and they are laid back and let me just do my thing.  The kids are truly happy and so easy to engage with and Baby Violet is a dream. Case in point of how easy they are….they let me come photograph them in their brand new home that they just moved into a week before.  A week of living amongst some boxes with three kiddos….. that’s flexible!  Their home is just gorgeous and I love their taste.  I’ve been kicking myself for not taking a few shots of some details that I especially loved for remodel ideas down the road.

Even though their home isn’t completely set up, it was a lovely backdrop for our pictures.  The open huge windows, white, and fresh light made my heart sing.  Add to that a family that is crazy about each other and I was one happy photographer.

Enjoy a peek of their gallery!




Wittle Wivy is Two

I’ll never forget the panicked phone call that Kelly was in possible labor and that Liv was on the way! I raced up to Vancouver and arrived to my sister with contractions subsided, stirring up non alcoholic mojitos!  We ate out and organized their house and putzed around that weekend until Monday at her planned c-section where little Livy made her appearance. We love this sweet, chubby niece who has a lovely disposition and also a mind of her own.  “Mama, cake!! Cake!! CAKE!!!!!” she recently bellowed.  I love that she likes Auntie too and the cousins are FUN, though she is very cautious about Uncle Ben (he's trying really hard, though!)

While Kelly was working the other night when we were up to Vancouver, Dano popped over for dinner at my mum and dad’s with the girls.  The plan was to do a few pictures for Livy’s birthday that night but before we knew it, we were losing the sun.  Dano and I put her in the car and started driving in the direction of the light.  We found a little school playground that was perfect and we caught just the last rays of sun.

Love this girl. Love these big brown eyes. Love that we get to watch her grow up.

(Lots of black and whites ahead as that’s all my sister prints!)

01-LivyTwo-102-LivyTwo-203-LivyTwo-504-LivyTwo-605-LivyTwo-706-LivyTwo-1007-Livy Two Years108-LivyTwo-1609-LivyTwo-1710-LivyTwo-1911-LivyTwo-2012-LivyTwo-2113-LivyTwo-2214-LivyTwo-2415-LivyTwo-2516-LivyTwo-2617-LivyTwo-2818-LivyTwo-3119-LivyTwo-33Then a few with the cousins (and Oma perched on the deck, smiling!).20-cussies-121-cussies-322-cussies-5



Astraea is 18 Months {Auburn Baby Photography}

One of the sweetest parts of my job is getting to watch little people grow.  I’ve loved doing mini sessions to document Astraea as she’s grown into such a toddler.  She’s giggling and hanging onto her dolly.  She loves her brothers and her big brother, Orrin, got the best laughs out of her as he peek-a-booed over my head during this session.  Just like she’s been since she’s been tiny, her eyes are always on her mommy, who is cherishing these days.  I loved spending time visiting with Mindi and documenting this little lovebug.




Chubby Cheeks and Sunny Smiles

Last night I was working on editing their pictures and sent Shannon a message saying,”I'm editing pictures of your girls and have an almost uncontrollable urge to drive over and kiss cheeks!!’ These girls are just pure sunshine and I always thoroughly enjoy Shannon and John.  The last time I saw them was when we did some pictures with new baby Emma.  It’s amazing how quickly things change the first year and they were looking for a little family update for this spring mini session.

Thanks, Shannon and John!  It’s always a pleasure to see you!




Stacey, Chris and Zachary at Olympic Sculpture Park

I’ve had the chance to meet some really wonderful people through my photography classes.  Stacey was one of them who has taken both classes and I was thrilled when she took up my Christmas offer of a 2014 session plus a canvas. We met up at the Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle on a sunny evening.  She was there with her husband, Chris, who also got talked into taking a class Winking smile and their wonderful little son, Zachary.  I so enjoyed their easygoing little family and we visited as we walked the park.  Zach has a lovely personality and a huge smile, especially when I had them jump around with him.  They knew all kinds of songs to get him to respond and it was fun to see the affection they have for each other. I asked Stacey if there were any shots she wanted and she had three little requests: a family shot with them all looking (which I always try to get), a good headshot of Zachary (which I always try to get too) and a silhouette (which I was thrilled she asked for as it’s one of my favorite things to do!).



I just love this next series when Zach discovered that he could see someone that looked just like him in my lens.  SO sweet!19-Klontz-5420-Klontz-5521-Klontz-5722-Klontz-6223-Klontz4

Giving the crazy camera lady a look that says it all.24-Klontz-7425-Klontz-7526-Klontz-7727-Klontz-8128-Klontz-8529-Klontz-8930-Klontz-91

I can’t wait to see which one they order as a canvas.  What fun!  Thanks, Stacey and Chris for a fun night.



Baby Mielle’s Update in the Cherry Blossoms

It seemed like I was just at Cathie and Timon’s house, meeting brand new Mielle.  There is nothing like the change of a baby’s first year which is why it’s so very fun to document these stages.  This mid-year session was pushed out to seven months so we could get some pretty spring color and we were rewarded for our patience.  I always love visiting with Cathie and Timon who are so easygoing and engaging with their kids.  The pleasure they take in their family provides my favorite environment for portraits.  It makes me happy seeing babies and kids being loved by their families…the best props ever!  So while this was officially the mid year session in Mielle’s First Year Package, and she certainly was highlighted, there was lots and lots of interaction with all of them.

We ended up with a gorgeous day for portraits in the park with the cherry blossoms cheering us on.  Sweet Mielle was beaming anytime we looked at or talked to her.  What an absolute honey of a baby girl!  Teis was being a good sport, though he wasn’t feeling at the top of his game that morning.  Luckily his mum and dad know how to play along and cuddle with him and make things fun.  The best laughs I got from him were from pretending to freak out when he roared at me and balancing his ball on my head.

Can’t wait to see your family again when your treasure turn one….but I know you’re not in a hurry to rush by these days!

01-mielle7months-402-mielle7months-603-Mielle Seven Month Gallery1-mielle7months-1005-mielle7months-1406-mielle7months-1707-mielle7months-1908-mielle7months-2109-mielle7months-2210-Mielle Seven Month Gallery211-mielle7months-3412-mielle7months-2413-Mielle Seven Month Gallery114-mielle7months-3515-mielle7months-3916-mielle7months-4217-mielle7months-4418-mielle7months-5319-mielle7months-5420-Mielle Seven Month Gallery321-mielle7months-7222-mielle7months-5723-mielle7months-5924-mielle7months-6125-mielle7months-6226-mielle7months-6527-mielle7months-68



Charlie is One {Tacoma Baby and Family Photography}

Nothing brings about as much change as a baby’s first year of life. From tiny little sleeping lump to little personality laughing, playing,interacting. What a joy it is to document that growth! Though the love families have for their tiny wee ones is immediate, the interactions and responsiveness has grown so much by the year marker as babies have become such characters! After doing four sessions for Ellie’s first year, I was thrilled to do another four for Charlie’s.  As always, my favorites are of families being together and loving each other.  The reason for this session was Charlie’s first birthday and though he was highlighted, I try to hit all the different angles of relationship and love that he is surrounded by.  I shoot what I love and my favorites of my own family are always the individual portraits that show personality and then all the connections and love.

We met up on a w.i.n.d.y. day down at the beach but we were happy to have the sunshine.  Ellie bounced in with her cool shades, the awesome big sister with a fun laugh.  Charlie was messing with me, blowing raspberries back when I tried them out to get his attention.  He was keen on his goldfish crackers, being cuddled and looking around happily at the park.  I always enjoy the warmth and the pleasure this family has in being together.




Time for New Photos on the Wall {Tacoma Family Photography}

One of my favorite parts of photographing families is documenting the growth and changes.  A year ago, little Astraea was the first splash of baby pink in their home.  I popped by on her one year birthday to do a few pictures of her in her sweet birthday dress.  She’s such a little lady, full of smiles and loving to cuddle with her mama.

A couple weeks, later the whole family met up for an update in Old Tacoma.  Wes, Zane and Orrin are such awesome boys and were racing, skating on the frosty ground and teasing each other.  I love kids with personality and big, noisy families have a special spot in my heart as we’re big and noisy too! We laughed and played and kept it moving because that’s the best way to do it with kids!

Mindi’s been working on a wonderful photo wall in their living room.  It always makes me happy to see pictures printed and up on walls when I go to homes.  I hope these images will have their spots for them to enjoy and remind them of the blessing in their family!


01-astraea1orrin5 (5 of 13)02-Lippard04-lippardjan2014-1205-Lippard406-lippardjan2014-1607-lippardjan2014-2208-lippardjan2014-2109-Lippard310-lippardjan2014-25

One thing that I love to do in family sessions is to get a shot of each parent with each of the kids.




Roman at Three Months

There’s nothing like the first year of life and how many changes happen so fast.  It doesn’t seem like all that long ago that I was chatting with Roman’s mom on the way back from their photos last December and she was talking about how much she was longing for one more little one in their family.  A year later and here’s a big brown eyed boy!  Roman has the sweetest little personality, loves to be cuddled and is adored by his older brothers too.  We did a one person mini session to document him at three months and I think it’s obvious that he’s just perfect!





Grandee and Grandad’s Cottage-Family Pictures

I’ve been dreaming of this session for a long time. As a gift, almost two years ago, my brother-in-law and my sister gave two sessions for Christmas to his mom.  One was done during that Christmas break and one was to be done later at the beach.  It’s no small feat to co-ordinate everyone but on this beautiful Sunday afternoon, they all gathered together at the waterfront property that’s been in their family for about sixty years.  My family came along too, as my kids dearly love Grandee and Grandad  and were most happy to come dig around with the kids and visit Mr. M&M. I just had to chase my own kids out of the pictures as they feel like they are family too Smile. Dee is married to Reg (Grandad)  and she has three sons: Mike who’s married to Katie and has four awesome kiddos, Dano who’s married to Kelly and has Quinn and Liv, and Wes who’s the cool uncle that flies airplanes and is a lot of fun.

I was raving about the weather as we had warm, filtered sunlight and it couldn’t have been more perfect for an afternoon celebrating family, health, love and even Mike’s birthday.  We laughed a lot and did a bunch of family groupings down by the water.  Then the bbq was lit and the adults passed around glasses of wine while they kept an eye on kids on the moped and babies crawling around.  Girl scout cookies were sold, popcorn orders taken and a plane flown off the back porch.  The kids hid out in the driftwood fort and played tug-of-war.  Grandee beamed and squeezed the fat thighs of baby girls and laid out the most beautiful meal that I’ve eaten in months.  Ezzie was given the honour of cutting the ribbon to dedicate the new garage and the baby girls had their footprints and handprints made into their garden stones, Livy complaining the whole time.  Then we ate dinner in a beautiful sunlit dining room, overlooking the water.  It was fun to hear the conversations and feel the pleasure that they had together.

And right near the end, I told them that even though I told them they were done, they weren’t really done and I needed them to run down to the water again for one more silhouette shot.  (What is a perfect shoot without that?)

It was a golden afternoon. Much love to you, Dee. I hope this pictures give you great joy as you celebrate your family. xoxo


01-Grandee's Family Gallery1102-Grandee's-Family-203-Grandee's-Family-604-Grandee's-Family-705-Grandee's-Family-1306-Grandee's Family Gallery07-Grandee's-Family-1908-Grandee's-Family-1609-Grandee's-Family-2010-Grandee's Family Gallery111-Grandee's-Family-2912-Grandee's-Family-3213-Grandee's Family Gallery214-Grandee's-Family-3815-Grandee's-Family-4016-Grandee's-Family-4617-Grandee's-Family-4818-Grandee's Family Gallery319-Grandee's-Family-5920-Grandee's-Family-6721-Grandee's Family Gallery522-Grandee's-Family-7323-Grandee's Family Gallery424-Grandee's-Family-8025-Grandee's Family Gallery726-Grandee's-Family-8127-Grandee's-Family-8328-Grandee's-Family-8429-Grandee's-Family-10830-Grandee's-Family-111

31-Grandee's-Family-11432-Grandee's Family Gallery633-Grandee's-Family-11634-Grandee's-Family-12235-Grandee's-Family-12636-Grandee's-Family-12837-Grandee's-Family-13538-Grandee's Family Gallery839-Grandee's-Family-14340-Grandee's Family Gallery941-Grandee's-Family-14442-Grandee's-Family-14544-Grandee's-Family-9445-Grandee's-Family-9646-Grandee's-Family-9847-Grandee's-Family-9948-Grandee's-Family-10049-Grandee's-Family-10150-Grandee's-Family-10551-Grandee's-Family-14752-Grandee's-Family-14954-Grandee's-Family-15455-Grandee's-Family-15956-Grandee's-Family-16057-Grandee's-Family-16158-Grandee's-Family-16259-Grandee's-Family-16460-Grandee's-Family-16761-Grandee's-Family-16962-Grandee's-Family-17063-Grandee's-Family-17164-Grandee's Family Gallery1065-Grandee's Family Gallery1266-Grandee's-Family-17267-Grandee's-Family-18768-Grandee's-Family-18869-Grandee's-Family-18970-Grandee's-Family-19271-Grandee's-Family-19872-Grandee's-Family-19973-Grandee's-Family-20074-Grandee's-Family-20275-Grandee's-Family-20576-Grandee's-Family-185



Livy is One

It’s hard to believe that my cute little niece, Liv, is a year already!  It seems like it wasn’t that long ago that I was up there FOR HER BIRTH.  We all adore her and all her cousins love to squeeze her chubbiness and kiss those lovely cheeks!  We met up one night to take some one year pictures.  She definitely wasn’t interested in me and my camera, even with me acting like a crazy yahoo.  She was way more keen on the ducks and the people walking by (which she greeted each time with a wave, smile and a husky “HI!!!!”.  We just got some family shots and some with her and Kelly.  I’ll give her another go the next time we’re together and see if we can get some portraits of just her.

I think we got some fun ones on this night, from the girls preening with their lipgloss at the beginning to some family cuddles on the blanket to silhouettes where big sister, Quinn, was rolling all around.  The first four that I’m posting you can see her moving and grooving and then I love the last one we got. 

Happy birthday, Liv!




A Lot Can Happen In Six Months {Tacoma Baby and Family Photography}

The reason initially that I picked up my camera and wanted to learn to use it better was to get better pictures of my babies and family.  That’s why I especially have a soft spot in my heart to document families as they are growing.  This family has been with me since the very beginning, when they were expecting Ellie.  I’ve followed her first year, done yearly updates and now have the joy of meeting with them several times through Charlie’s first year.  A lot changes in just a few months.  This little man went from being a teeny tiny sleeper to a chunky monkey, trying to eat everything in front of him and laughing like crazy at his family members.  I love that they value each other and documenting this time in their lives.  A lot changes when kids are little but what I see consistently every time we meet is the hearts that they have for each other. (I have the best job.) I also wanted to add that my very, very favorite “props” for newborns and babies are their families.  It’s not super trendy but I believe that images of those little ones being loved by siblings and parents are the ones that will feel timeless.  They are my favorites and I feel very lucky to photograph families that feel the same way too.

01-charlie6month-302-2013.8503-charlie6month-404-charlie6month-605-2013.8606-charlie6month-1107-charlie6month-1708-Charlie six months09-charlie6month-1810-charlie6month-1911-charlie6month-2012-charlie6month-2213-charlie6month-2614-charlie6month-3215-Charlie six months116-charlie6month-3317-charlie6month-3918-charlie6month-4219-charlie6month-4320-Charlie six months221-charlie6month-5822-charlie6month-6023-charlie6month-6124-charlie6month-6225-Charlie six months426-charlie6month-6527-charlie6month-6728-charlie6month-7129-charlie6month-7330-charlie6month-7631-charlie6month-8134-charlie6month-9035-Charlie six months3



Ella and Maddy Turn One {Sumner Child and Family Photography}

They were absolutely charming, these twin sisters who have just turned a year.  Sparkling eyes, happy smiles and an obvious connection  not just to each other but to their parents….it was a pleasure to photograph them.  I  wanted to capture their personalities and the relationships within their family and I hope you can see their shiny little hearts in these photos.  Tanja and Rob, what a pleasure it was to spend this evening with you and your precious girls! (And Rob, the ones in the chair where they are giggling after you did a run-by-tickle make me laugh every time!). 01-ellamaddy-102-ellamaddy-203-ellamaddy-304-ellamaddy-405-ellamaddy-806-ellamaddy-1207-ellamaddy-1608-Ella and Maddy One Year09-ellamaddy-1910-Ella and Maddy One Year111-ellamaddy-2312-ellamaddy-3013-Ella and Maddy One Year214-ellamaddy-3615-ellamaddy-3816-ellamaddy-4017-ellamaddy-4218-ellamaddy-4819-ellamaddy-5120-Ella and Maddy One Year321-ellamaddy-5622-ellamaddy-5823-ellamaddy-5924-ellamaddy-6625-ellamaddy-6426-ellamaddy-7027-ellamaddy-7128-ellamaddy-7629-ellamaddy-8030-ellamaddy-8231-ellamaddy-8432-ellamaddy-8633-ellamaddy-8734-ellamaddy-8935-ellamaddy-9136-ellamaddy-92


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Because in Six Months a Lot Changes

Six months ago she was a wee little newborn but much has changed in the last months since she brought lots of pink into the world of brothers. She's got some nice chub going on, learned how to grin to reward the big brothers that try to make her laugh, and is rolling around. Sweet Astraea has such a great little personality and I was so pleased to meet up with her and her very loving mama. We did a "one person mini session" for this update but I told Mindi beforehand that I just cannot keep myself from some mama and baby pictures so we popped her in a few extras too. So many changes happen during this first year and I am so pleased to meet up and document them.

Such a honey of a girl....


















Beautiful ladies.

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