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Silhouette Mini sessions Open for Registration

I adore silhouettes and if you’ve seen any of my work, you’ve seen them float along frequently.  There’s something about the shadows that draws attention to shape, movement, size and relationship in a powerful way.  This year will be the second year that I am offering silhouette mini sessions.  A mini session will include seven images and as a very special extra: a handmade necklace pendant or keychain of your favorite image.  I know several moms and grandmas who would love to have such a special gift (and it’s okay to buy it for yourself!!) I will have three dates open (with three backup dates the next week in case of rain or heavy overcast skies). They will take place between 7:45-8:45 as per our sunset times during those dates.

Monday, May 25, Tuesday, May 26, Thursday, May 28 (with back up dates being June1, 2, 3)

Lakeland Hills, Auburn


7 full resolution images with print release for print and gift making

Necklace or keychain pendant

Gift certificates available for Mother’s Day.

1. To register, contact me at and let me know what day you’d like and whether you’d like a gift certificate.

2. You can mail in a check to save your spot.

Here’s a mother’s day set of seven images I did with my friend and her lovely girls.



This is what the silhouette necklaces look like (so fun!!!)

Here’s a few other favorites that I’ve done as well!07-Huffmansilhouette-5-208-MillerSilhouette-122-Lynchsilhouette-609-Neal-610-tree-111-McCarthySilhouette-21-MillerSilhouette-412-jonesfall2014-10913-KeighronSilhouettes2014-614-silverstars-115-FatherDaughter-43



Izzy, Senior Portraits

I met up with Izzy last week for a one person mini session for some senior pictures.  What a precious girl,  full of warmth and fun.  She says she loves this season so a cool day which felt wet and mossy, with vibrant color seemed like a perfect backdrop.  Her eyes were expressive and her smile so engaging.  Izzy, I hope you have a wonderful senior year!

02-IzzyOwens-403-Collages04-IzzyOwens-505-Izzy Owens06-IzzyOwens-1007-IzzyOwens-1108-IzzyOwens-1209-IzzyOwens-1410-Izzy Owens111-IzzyOwens-1712-IzzyOwens-18



Silhouette Mini Sessions….SO exciting!!

It’s no secret that I have a thing for silhouettes.  I just love them.  There’s just something about the simple shadows that tell a story all their own. They are both artistic and personal.  I have been doing some silhouette projects of my own and sneaking them into regular sessions whenever I have some decent backlighting. I thought it might be fun to do more so……drumroll, please!…..I’m going to do my first ever silhouette minis!

Monday, June 30. Auburn. 

Evening. 10 minutes. 5 images. $75.

Here’s a few perks:

1. If you book a session and pay within a week, I will print you out a FREE, professionally printed 11 by 14 image. (You’ll need to be able to pick it up).

2. Another option (which is even MORE fun!).  If you book a summer session with me (to take place before September 30, with 50% of session payment due at time of booking) you can do your mini session for FREE.

Let me know if you would like to be  in on this special opportunity!  This is going to be fun!

Contact me at to book your time!