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Shooting in Manual- Jessica Modeling Portraits

I teach a Shooting in Manual class for those who have been through my first class and want to learn how to really take control of their cameras.  It’s always very fun for me to talk with them and then spend  several hours shooting with a small group.  This time around I had my sweet friend, Jessica, modeling for us.  It’s not an easy job.  I do a whole lot of talking with everyone and she was super engaging  with me and the class for a few hours.  As a little thank you, I always give my models a little gallery that I take along the way.

Jessica was a cabin leader with me at kids’ camp last summer  and by the end of the week I loved her even more than I did at the beginning. She has a heart for the Lord, loves people and has strong character.  Plus she’s fun and has the best laugh.  The night before the kids came, I quizzed her on all the things her parents obviously did right, wanting to take some mental notes!!  She is clearly a gorgeous girl and that light you see shining in her eyes are not just catch lights (which I talk about!) but also a beautiful heart. Thanks, Jess, for a great morning!

01-Jessica-231-Jessica-22-Jessica-302-Jessica-43-Jessica-603-Jessica-84-Jessica-704-Jessica-905-Jessica-1206-Jessica-155-Jessica-1407-Jessica-1608-Jessica Wilkins09-Jessica-1910-Jessica-246-Jessica-2711-Jessica-30



Amelia’s Senior Portraits {Tacoma Senior Photography}

In photography there are some variables that can contribute to me having to eat my Wheaties and work hard: big families, littles I have to chase and engage, crazy weather.  I love it all (well, except for gnarly weather!).  However, once in a while, photography feels just way too easy: fantastic weather, a great location, amazing light and a gorgeous girl to photograph as I chatted with her and her mom. Amelia was such a pleasure to be with and her beautiful smile was radiant.  What a treat to take her senior pictures as she is heading towards a whole new season!



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Portraits of Raquel in the Blossoms {Federal Way Photography}

There’s a a range of what I love to photograph, and capturing beautiful portraits is one of them.  We had some gorgeous evening light and the blossoms were thick the other night as I had the opportunity to do a mini session of Raquel who is a lovely young woman. Her sweet mom was fixing up her hair and I was squealing about the light and how pretty Raquel looked layered in between the blossoms.  So fun!  What a fun thing it was for me to create some portraits of this pretty girl.


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Kaia’s Senior Pictures

I love Kaia.  I’ve loved her beautiful heart and fun personality for a long time.  She has a ready laugh, a deep commitment to the people she loves and a generous spirit.  Our kids are nuts about her too.  She’s been in front of my camera more than a few times but this time was special.  She’s graduating in a few weeks and we were doing her senior pictures.

It actually was a very stormy day and we were bummed as we were trying to squeak it in between her school and work schedule.  The forecast seemed to be changing every 15 minutes.  Stormy. Torrential rain. Sunbreaks. Windy. Blue skies. Stormy again.  We were messaging back and forth all day, postponing and then in a fit of optimism with some blue skies, we decided to go for it.  She’s the only one I would have taken that chance for with the forecast being what it was.  Sure enough, by the time she arrived with her sister and mom, it was pouring buckets.  Boo. I told her since she was all dolled up we’d do a few headshots and then do a part two later at another location I had in mind.

Then…a miracle.  The clouds parted and sun started shining through all the misty bushes.  We were all squealing and trying to do as much as we could in the window of great weather God was giving us!

It probably is one of my favorite senior sessions ever…and part two is still to come!  Kaia is just stunning and her beautiful spirit was  shining clearly too.  It was so fun laughing with her mom and sister…and there are some behind the scenes secrets that no one will ever know about…but they sure got some great laughs out of her.

Kaia, I love you.  I am so proud of you and the way you are living to love and impact the people around you.  God has big plans for you and we’ll be cheering you on all the way.

01-Kaia senior-202-Kaia senior-503-Kaia senior-704-Kaia senior-305-Kaia senior-906-Kaia senior-1007-Kaia senior-1108-Kaia senior-1509-Kaia senior-1610-Kaia senior-1711-Kaia senior-1912-Kaia senior-2113-Kaia senior-2214-Kaia senior-2515-Kaia senior-2616-Kaia senior-2717-2014.43918-Kaia senior-3719-Kaia senior-4120-Kaia senior-4321-Kaia senior-4722-Kaia senior-4923-Kaia senior-5324-2014.440

A few at the end with her beautiful mama and sister…before we jumped in the van and it started pouring again!25-Kaia senior-2826-Kaia senior-3527-Kaia senior-3128-Kaia senior-32

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Shooting in Manual Class with Orlagh and Alana

The most common feedback that I’m getting from my Shooting in Manual class is that it’s so helpful to shoot together as opposed to just learning out of a book or lecture alone .  This is a very small class and though I teach using examples for an hour of how shooting in manual helps you to capture some shots that would be very difficult to get in other modes, the most fun is when we start shooting through a range of situations and the lights start going on.  You can read in more detail HERE what we cover.  I do this class in groups of about five so we can really talk and interact.

During the last class, we were stuck at the last minute for a model.  My friend, Felicia, who hosted this workshop, put out the call and came up with these two lovely girls who jumped in for us.  Friends since they were babies, they said they’d never modeled before but they were just perfect.  They were patient as I instructed and then let us all shoot away for about three hours. 

I have to say, the class was getting the concepts so quickly that I was able to talk them through how I think about lighting and composition and using natural reflectors. (Super fun!)

As a thank you to my models, I always like to give them a good gallery at the end.  Thank you, Orlagh and Alana, for being so patient and engaging with us.  Plus, it was a real treat to photograph you beauties!  Here’s a peek at what we got.


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Hanna’s a Senior {Tacoma Senior Photography}

I’ve known her mom for the last several years as Jacqueline has been one of the preschool teachers for my kids. She’s been encouraging and warm as my kids have started their education and has the wisdom not just of a teacher but of a mom who’s now got her baby starting her senior year.  Hanna was beautiful and fun to talk to on the evening we did her pictures.  Her proud mom happily filled in the blanks and told me how amazing her girl is.  (Every good mom should show off her kids!).  It was great to hear about her involvement with not just school but also sports and band.  Senior pictures were the first official thing they were doing to launch her into her last year of high school.  Good things are ahead!

01-hanna senior-502-hanna senior gallery03-hanna senior-704-hanna senior-1005-hanna senior-1206-hanna senior-1507-hanna senior-1908-hanna senior-2109-hanna senior-2510-hanna senior-2911-hanna senior-2812-hanna senior-3113-hanna senior-3514-hanna senior-3715-hanna senior gallery116-hanna senior-4217-hanna senior-4418-hanna senior-4519-hanna senior gallery320-hanna senior-5021-hanna senior-5122-hanna senior-5923-hanna senior gallery224-hanna senior-6525-hanna senior-70



Dax is Graduating

Sometimes a one person mini session can be just perfect to document a milestone and I would say graduation is worth documenting! Though the weather seemed to change every two minutes from rain to clouds to sun I really enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with Dax and his parents. He's a great guy and is really looking forward to being done with high school in just a few days and then heading off to college in the fall. His parents are proud to see their son in a cap and gown, as well they should be. Congratulations, Dax! 01-dax-grad-1















One person mini session or not, I always make parents get in a few pictures with seniors. They've invested a lot in these years too!





Amanda's Senior Portraits

I had the best morning a couple weeks ago with beautiful Amanda who is graduating very, very soon.  Taking senior pictures is such a treat. Amanda was so sweet and fun and absolutely easy to work with. Her sisters, mom, and nephew came along and had her laughing. We had the best weather that morning so we tried a nice variety of locations from a garden to a grassy field to some main street shots. They were willing to try it all and little Urijah (who you'll see at the end of the post when we did some family shots) was waving and blowing kisses to us the whole time. Here is Amanda.







I was loving how the sun was just lighting her up and shining through the blossoms. What a gorgeous girl in such a pretty location! Every time I checked the back of my camera I was feeling pretty happy.












Yes, I want her blue polka dot blouse. Too cute.


















She's a smart cookie, heading off to study a subject I know absolutely nothing about :).


















Photobombing sisters. These girls are close. Seeing the affection they had for each other and the way they laughed and teased was really heart warming.













Here's the little man. Oh boy, the cute parted red hair and bow tie. Senior session or not, Urijah needed to be in plenty of pictures!














Amanda, may God bless you richly as you head off to school. You are full of promise and life.




Maggie in a Field of Yellow Flowers

Many moons ago, when I had my first digital camera and had read a few pages of how to take pictures, I had my friend, Tammy, bring her girls over so I could practice on them. Most of the pictures were blurry and out of focus but I found this little gem of Maggie in 2005. 1-Img2005-02-026

Well, she's grown up since then (and thankfully I have learned how to focus my camera a wee bit better). Maggie's been our babysitter for the last few years and our kids whoop and holler when they hear she's coming and usher us out the door. She's loved them up and though she will 'fess up on who misbehaved when we press her, she always insists that she's had fun and they are a great bunch. It's been such a blessing for us to see her grow and mature and become such an incredible young woman. She's smart and kind and funny and has a soft heart.

She's graduating soon and though we are so happy to see her head into college we are secretly bummed that we're losing our amazing babysitter. She truly is a wonderful person.

A couple weeks ago, we headed out to find a field of flowers that our friend had told us about and when we came to the spot, we discovered that the field had been mowed under. What???? I had those yellow flowers stuck in my head and a dirt field wasn't going to cut it. So I went down the road, knocked at the door or an organic farmer and begged to use their yellow field. They laughed and waved us in. We had a good time playing around in there. Maggie was ready to have fun and you can see her awesome personality and willingness to try anything I suggested.






































Maggie's baby sister was there that night and we plopped her down in the field for a couple pictures too.











We are proud of you, Maggie! We are so thankful for how you have loved our kids and believe that the Lord is going to use your life and heart in big ways. Much love!




Part of what I hope to do when I photograph someone is to hold up the mirror so that they can catch a glimpse of themselves. When Hope looks in the mirror of these pictures I pray she can see how lovely she is, how the kindness and warmth that she has deep in her shines through and how full of life she is. She's a sweetheart and so very loved by the people who know her. It's her senior year and there are good things ahead for this wonderful girl. I am excited to watch her impact the lives around her.

















11-20130427-IMG 8697 copy




Hope's awesome boyfriend asked if he could surprise her and be in a few pictures with her. She was very surprised when he came walking to the gardens where we were having her mini session...but that surprise soon turned to a big smile.



Hope, many blessings on your graduation and your future!



The Christmas Tree Farm Miracle

There are two consistent miracles that seem to happen every Christmas tree farm trip which we've made for the last several years with friends.

1. The sun shines. Truly this is a miracle when the tree farm day always is sandwiched between days of black skies and torrential rain. I mean I woke up during the night before this trip because of driving rain on our roof and when I woke in the morning there were sunny skies. Miracle.

2. We leave with every child that we came with. Granted, children have been a little lost in the trees, fallen over tree stumps, gotten muddy and a few have even been slightly crushed when the dads cut down the trees and forgot to yell "timber!!!" but we've come home with them all. Our friend, Eric, says, "No child left behind" and so far, so good. Miracle.

We love it. We put on our boots and slog out and Denise buys bags of donuts which she feeds to the masses. Somehow we all end up at the trees between hauling kids and saws and a diaper bag or two. The boys pick up twigs and whack each other. I forget to pay attention because I am having so much fun photographing it. We're making memories.

Jonathan and Kellie and their girlies were with us this year again like last year. The girls had their terribly cute owl hats on.

01-IMG 3958 copy

Kellie's gorgeous sister, Ruth, was along too. (Pretty, pretty).

03-IMG 3959 copy

02-IMG 3940 copy

Ruth took our pictures for us (thanks, Ruth!!).

08-IMG 3984 copy

09-IMG 3999 copy

Then there was Eric, Denise, Kiana, Korban, Malakai and Leo.

06-IMG 4015 copy

Eric photographed with his mighty saw on his head. Who's the king of the tree farm?

05-IMG 4001 copy

Eric's sister, Amy, came along for the fun again too.

04-IMG 3963 copy

07-IMG 4034 copy

10-IMG 4110 copy

11-IMG 4039 copy

All the kids ate donuts on the wagon while we waited for the train. I appreciated the extra effort Jasper made to smile for the group shot.

13-IMG 4100 copy

14-IMG 4125 copy

12-IMG 4049 copy

18-IMG 4136 copy

16-IMG 4130 copy

While we waited for the train our friend, Haley and her two kiddos showed up to hang out too. The more the merrier! Here's London waiting for the train.

19-IMG 4137 copy

The boys kept a watchful eye out and soon it arrived.

17-IMG 4131 copy

20-IMG 4146 copy

21-IMG 4160 copy

22-IMG 4153 copy

23-IMG 4166 copy

24-IMG 4168 copy

We circled around, found the perfect tree, and Theo coached the cutters.

26-IMG 4186 copy

27-IMG 4197 copy

28-IMG 4212 copy

29-IMG 4202 copy

30-IMG 4218 copy

32-IMG 4232 copy

33-IMG 4239 copy

Because hitting your brother with a branch is fun.

31-IMG 4219 copy

When the trees finally fell, we drug them to the traintracks to wait for our transportation back.

34-IMG 4247 copy


35-IMG 4282 copy

Sweet Lily peeks out the back.

36-IMG 4300 copy

Then off for hot chocolate at Starbucks and home to trim the trees.

No child was left behind. We each got a tree. I got pictures of the day. All ended well.

If you want to see some past visits follow these links:

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Christmas Pictures of the Crazies

There have certainly been years that I had all my presents bought and wrapped by Thanksgiving, White Elephant treats tucked away for exchanges and a tidy calendar full of organized events. Not this year. Not by a long shot and I'm okay with it (I think :) ).

I never feel like we need to do everything possible under the banner of holiday activities. I try to simplify and make the things that we do meaningful...but it still is a full month.

We always want our children to be very conscious of giving and we love Operation Christmas Child and packing shoeboxes which we did last month. Then we really enjoy the World Vision Gift Catalogue and looking through it to purchase a family gift that can totally change the lives of children and families in developing countries. In years past we've bought bikes, medical packages for new moms, goats, pigs and all kinds of fun stuff.

There are lots of school activities on the calendar...the kindergarten performance and the third grade Nutcracker performance is coming up. Church parties, I am speaking at the Ladies' Christmas Dessert night on Friday, and then we have the regular stuff we like to squeak in during December: visiting the tree farm, baking, sledding, a date shopping night for Ben and I, and this year we are going with some friends skating. We're getting cozy at night, reading books and watching old Christmas movies.

For gifts we really do try to keep things simple and useful. Even if we had the money to buy every toy at the store for our kids....I don't want to do that. We really want to teach them to be thankful for blessings. I try to follow the rule of thumb with toy buying of looking for toys that have a different outcome every time you use them. These are the imagination and creativity toys that we prefer. Blocks, trios, dishes, art supplies, outdoor toys...things that require thinking and interacting as opposed to "push a button and your toy does this one thing" type of items. I feel like we get a whole lot more "bang for our buck" with these toys as well. I am sure our trio blocks are used for about two hours a day!

Most of all, we are having conversation about Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas. How grateful we are for His love and sacrifice. In a world where there is a lot of hurt and broken hearts, He is the Truth and the Light and we are so thankful for the gift of knowing Him.

One thing that definitely needs to be done for me in the craziness is Christmas pictures of the kids which get put in their frame ornaments for the tree and in a frame on the Christmas picture bookshelf! I can let go of rolling chocolate truffles but can't let go of this :).

1-IMG 2978 copy


On Thanksgiving weekend, we headed out to take the Christmas pictures after church. I had bought these funny Christmas hats on clearance at Old Navy last year for these pictures and I love how they look. The bookends were both penguins, and on Ruby's we added a flower and eyelashes.

One her wishlist this year: a dog, wheelie shoes, money towards a Kindle (which she's been saving cat feeding and allowance money for all year).


Jasper's wishlist: a dog, batteries, a tree, a big balloon with our house number on it.

15-christmas tree farm gallery

Tymen: fart shoes like Fozzy Bear (hmmmm), a dogcage with a dog.

16-christmas tree farm gallery1

Theo: puppy, puppy, puppy and cheese.

17-christmas tree farm gallery2

For your information, we are NOT getting a dog. Four children is enough...a dog would send me over the edge!

01-IMG 3314 copy


02-IMG 3324 copy


03-IMG 3331 copy

This ended up being my favorite for our picture this year. Ben is SO GOOD at getting them to laugh. He knows how to press the crazy button.

04-IMG 3380 copycard


05-IMG 3413 copy

1-IMG 3513 copy

08-IMG 3520 copy


09-IMG 3587 copy

Jimgle bells.

07-IMG 3447 copy


06-IMG 3457 copy

My peek-a-boo penguin. Oh, how we love this guy.

10-IMG 3597 copy


11-IMG 3615 copy


12-IMG 3624 copy

We are blessed and we are thankful. Whatever I get done off my list is great but really I want to enjoy this precious time with our family.


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Pure Sunshine, Heather's Senior Portraits

Senior pictures are such a treat to photograph. There are a lot of very styled and trendy photographers out there who photograph seniors, but I'm not very styled or trendy. My approach is to get some clean, fresh images that truly reflect the special person about to head into an amazing new season of life.

I've known Heather since she was a tiny girl and she is truly radiant. She's extremely pretty which is only accentuated by her caring and tender heart. She's a softy who has a gentle way about her of making others feel very loved and cared for. She loves the Lord and serves others in a quiet manner that doesn't draw attention to herself but because of her warmth, everyone is drawn to her.

Her sister is a super talented photographer, and I've so admired her work as she's photographed local families and friends, including Heather. One of my favorites was their 1950's shoot they did with a bunch of girlfriends! As a result of being in front of ther sister's camera, she's a great model and super comforatable with the camera. I felt lucky that I also was able to document her for this senior year.


02-IMG 1167 copy


03-IMG 1181 copy


04-IMG 1199 copy


05-IMG 1225 copy


06-IMG 1230 copy

I often, during a shoot, will have someone just look at me so I can take a few shots of them without smiling. Heather pretty much couldn't do it. She is so full of joy and beauty and just smiles all the time. We actually laughed at her attempt to notsmile.

I just love this next one. It's not really remarkable as far as composition goes but the way she's relaxed and happy with such a sweet countenance makes me heart glad. This is what I want my sessions to be like, when someone feels comfortable enough with me to shine their true self.

07-IMG 1232 copy


08-IMG 1240 copy


09-IMG 1253 copy


10-IMG 1263 copy

It was an ideal location and with the sun peeking though, just perfect!

11-IMG 1274 copy

1-Heather Gallery


12-IMG 1294 copy


13-IMG 1308 copy


14-IMG 1299 copy


15-IMG 1323 copy


16-IMG 1325 copy


17-IMG 1333 copy


18-IMG 1336 copy


19-IMG 1340 copy


20-IMG 1343 copy


21-IMG 1358 copy


22-IMG 1351 copy


23-IMG 1367 copy


24-IMG 1372 copy

Really love this one too :).

25-IMG 1381 copy


26-IMG 1391 copy

Then we popped in a few pictures with her pretty sister, Hannah, and her mom who confesses to be a chronic photo blinker. Good thing we have digital images, Jan, so we could take 7 of each shot (six blinking, one not ;) ).

27-IMG 1304 copy


28-IMG 1221 copy


29-IMG 1363 copy

Heather, I love you, sweet girl and it was such a treat to have this time with you. Your beauty and grace will be a blessing to many!

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Josh, Senior Pictures

I lived with his family when I was in college. Joshie Squashie was a little chubby, blond chunk of sweet toddlerhood. He was passionate about food and screamed like an electric volt just when through his body when he heard the blender go or when he saw cheese. He galloped around on his play horse. He cuddled and watched Toy Story and Veggie Tales. He was a favorite wherever he went with his grinny little face and goofy little personality. He told me he was going to marry me from the time he was about three to five and then when he set his sights on a cute girl in Parent's Day Out, he told me I could marry Combiance ( who was his imaginary brother). I was crushed. Truly, I love his family dearly. They are still family to me and on this last trip to Texas I was lucky enough to stay with them. We stayed up late at night as we laughed, talked and perched on chairs in the kitchen while Mary wiped counters and Josh snacked, just like the old days.

It felt a bit surreal to be taking his senior pictures. Round and chubby no more (he's super tall) but he still has that winning personality and great smile.



1-IMG 9664 copy-001


27-josh gallery


02-IMG 9677 copy

28-josh gallery1


03-IMG 9706 copy


04-IMG 9722 copy

29-josh gallery2

05-IMG 9739 copy


06-IMG 9756 copy


07-IMG 9759 copy


08-IMG 9770 copy


09-IMG 9792 copy

I always make the mamas get in a picture or two when I do senior pictures. He's her boy and has a lot of his mom's quirks and mannerisms. In fact, I think they kind of egg each other on a bit.

10-IMG 9804 copy


Always taking an opportunity to play around. (Not quite sure you'll get him if you dial this number.)

11-IMG 9838 copy


12-IMG 9839 copy


13-IMG 9854 copy

31-josh gallery4



14-IMG 9871 copy


15-IMG 9887 copy


16-IMG 9891 copy


17-IMG 9906 copy


18-IMG 9920 copy

I am proud of him and the young man he's become.

19-IMG 9942 copy

32-josh gallery5


20-IMG 9951 copy


21-IMG 9961 copy


22-IMG 9978 copy


23-IMG 9994 copy


24-IMG 0002 copy


25-IMG 0048 copy

At the end he wanted a few shots of him downing a Starbucks drink. Caffeination is a hobby that will only be re-enforced in college, I believe.

33-josh gallery6

Love you, Josh.



Melody's Graduated!

I bet if I went back and looked at every blog post and photo that I have ever posted online that Margo, Ben's aunt, has had something nice to say about almost every one. Besides my mum, who stalks everything I do, I think Margo is probably my biggest cheerleader. ( I do have a few other lovelies who I can always count on for their kind support...thanks, girls!).

When we were in California a couple weeks back, Auntie Margo and Uncle Jesse came out to see us and brought two of their girls, Caitlin (who also has lots of nice things to say about pictures and things in general) and Melody who just graduated from high school. We threw Ben's sister, Meghan, into the mix and had some fun.

IMG 4308 copy12

An extra chocolate chip for Jasper who gave it all for the obligatory group shot!

IMG 4528 co1py

IMG 4588 cop1y

IMG 4597 co1py

IMG 4600 cop1y

IMG 4460 copy edited-1

In honor of Melody's recent graduation we did a mini session with this pretty cousin. Hats off to this sweetheart who was a great sport, even on a chilly and foggy morning at the beach. She peeled off her sweater between spots and drank down some hot chocolate that her mom, Caitlin and Meghan were carrying around for her. Ah, girltime. It was fun to do it together.

IMG 4414 copy edited-1

IMG 4317 copy edited-1

IMG 4337 cop1 edited-1

IMG 4345 copy edited-1

IMG 4351 copy edited-1

Funny girl :) .

IMG 4358 copy edited-1

IMG 4376 copy edited-1

IMG 4381 copy edited-1

IMG 4389 copy edited-1

IMG 4408 copy edited-1

IMG 4422 cop edited-1


IMG 4421 copy edited-1

IMG 4428 copy edited-1

IMG 4482 copy edited-1

IMG 4484 copy edited-1

Happy graduation, Melody! It was so fun to spend this time with you and the family :).


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Senior Pictures of Levi, Our Nephew

Levi is our nephew. We really like him and wish he and his family lived closer. They live in Colorado so we don't get to see them nearly as often as we'd like so it was a super treat for us to have him come visit for a few days. Being the big brother of hundreds of little brothers, Levi is amazing with little kids and had his cousins magnetized to him in minutes. He was so easy going and game for hanging out at the house playing games, heading up to Seattle to eat his way through the Pike Street Market with us, and he and Ben played a little pool and went kayaking too.

IMG 2523 copy edited-1


IMG 2486 copy edited-1


IMG 2488 copy edited-1

Poker buddies.

IMG 2507 copy edited-1

Theo was loving how his cousin poured big spoonfuls of treats on his frozen yogurt.

IMG 1774 copy edited-1


IMG 2080 copy edited-1

Carrying 32 lbs. of butter on his shoulders, no easy task.

IMG 2094 copy edited-1


IMG 2109 copy edited-1

He was a great sport when I insisted on pictures at the Seattle Gum Wall. We had the crummiest gum that was practically impossible to get bubbles from but he tried.

IMG 2119 copy edited-1


IMG 2127 copy edited-1

The original Starbucks.

IMG 2156 copy1 edited-1


IMG 2180 copy edited-1

One night, he and I ran out to take his senior pictures in Tacoma. I had a great time with him.

Ben and I have been talking about how we'd just love for our boys to grow up like him. The way he pitches in, gets the big picture and cares for everyone is pretty impressive. He is really fun and smart and easy to talk with. Mostly, we are impressed with his heart and character which are solid. We love you, Levi, and are so proud of is the rest of your family.

IMG 2197 copy edited-1

Okay, so when he and his mom were kind of figuring out what clothes to bring along, Levi said his dad insisted that he wear this tough guy get up in one. There you go, Mike! It took several minutes before he would stop laughing and smiling so I could get this shot.

IMG 2212 copy edited-1


IMG 2215 copy edited-1


IMG 2235 copy edited-1


IMG 2244 copy edited-1


IMG 2251 copy edited-1


IMG 2272 copy edited-1


IMG 2276 copy edited-1


IMG 2288 copy edited-1


IMG 2299 cop1 edited-1


IMG 2304 copy edited-1


IMG 2315 copy edited-1

Totally up for having some fun, we had a good time with the fish sculpture.


IMG 2337 copy edited-1


IMG 2343 copy edited-1


IMG 2351 copy edited-1


IMG 2358 copy edited-1


IMG 2367 copy edited-1


IMG 2388 copy edited-1


IMG 2398 copy edited-1

At the end, I took a wrong turn and we found these awesome warehouses. Hooray for wrong turns!

IMG 2406 copy edited-1


IMG 2418 copy edited-1


IMG 2432 copy edited-1


IMG 2455 copy edited-1


IMG 2460 copy edited-1


IMG 2471 copy edited-1


IMG 2479 copy edited-1

Levi, we sure love you and are excited for this big year in your life. Thanks for coming to see us!

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Daizy in the Sunshine {Senior Photographer, Tacoma, WA}

Her family won FIRST PRIZE in my 2011 Picture of the Year Contest and I was thrilled when they decided to use their prize to do senior portraits for Daizy. I love senior portraits. As much as most of my family photography involves jumping around like a yo-yo with little kids (which I really love too!) it feels so easy to walk around with seniors to do portraits. There's a lot of trends out there with senior photography but my focus is to get clean, classic, fun images that are a true reflection of who I am photographing. Daizy was awesome. She brought along two super friends for moral support (including Gina for stylist advice :) ) and we spent our time roaming around in my mini van, jumping out at some favorite spots in Tacoma. Daizy was so gorgeous and comfortable and I had fun playing with the back lighting and sunshine that beautiful evening. Daizy, what a beauty you are! Enjoy your preview.

IMG 7262 copy edited-1


IMG 7272 copy edited-1


IMG 7278 copy edited-1


IMG 7283 copy edited-1

IMG 7321 copy edited-1

IMG 7296 copy edited-1

IMG 7298 copy edited-1

IMG 7322 copy edited-1

IMG 7327 copyw

IMG 7333 copy edited-1

IMG 7339 copy edited-1

IMG 7344 copyw

IMG 7351 copy edited-1

IMG 7386 copy edited-1

IMG 7382 copy edited-1

IMG 7395 copy edited-1

IMG 7411 copyw

IMG 7414 copy edited-1

IMG 7417 copy edited-1

IMG 7432 copyw

IMG 7451 copy edited-1

IMG 7452 copy edited-1

IMG 7462 copy edited-1

IMG 7467 copy edited-1

IMG 7526 copy edited-1

IMG 7491 copy edited-1

IMG 7536 copy edited-1

IMG 7559 copyw

IMG 7539 copy edited-1

Absolutely beautiful, inside and out. Daizy, may God richly bless you as you walk into this new season!



Tacoma Senior Session of a Texas Sweetheart

My friend, Cindy, and her daughter, Ashley came for a visit from Texas. With all the warmth of a Southern mama, Cindy was cuddling and hugging up my kids and within a few hours my boys were rubbing up against those girls like fat, happy cats. Ashley went for part of her visit to see cousins a few hours south but Cindy stayed and hung out with me and my gang. We saw a few sights, took Ruby to tea, did a little shopping. She was a laundry fairy and folded load after load for me when I had to run out for a few hours. She carried my chubby bub on her hip and we chatted at the park while the boys literally rolled themselves in the mud puddles. Oh well, anything to keep them busy so we could keep talking.

On our last day together, we left the little man behind to nap while Daddy was working and hopped down to Tacoma for a little tour. The weather was really funky while they were here but the Texas girls were brave.

IMG 1735 copy edited-1

IMG 1778 copy edited-1

IMG 1752 copy edited-1

IMG 1880 copy edited-1

IMG 1947 copy edited-1

Ashley is heading into her senior year next year so we did a mini session of senior pix. She has two great photog friends who pretty much do weekly photo shoots with her and their group of friends so I am certain her senior year will be well documented....but I am the only one to take pictures in Tacoma!

For those of you who are interested, I do offer one person mini sessions now which is a great idea for a quick sampling of senior pictures or birthday's great to have portraits at any age!

Oh goodness, I've known Ashley since she was a wee little baby and now she's a sixteen-year-old beauty.

IMG 1741 copy edited-1

IMG 1748 copy edited-1

IMG 1771 copy edited-1

IMG 1756 copy edited-1

IMG 1794 copy edited-1

IMG 1796 copy edited-1

IMG 1786 copyw

When I edit, I like the look to be very clean and fresh. I am not into the overly saturated looks. All that to say, this is her natural eye nice of the wall to match her eyes perfectly.

IMG 1811 copy edited-1

IMG 1841 copy edited-1

IMG 1857 copy edited-1

Loved the reflection of the glass museum against the window that she was standing by.

IMG 1905 copy edited-1

IMG 1907 copy edited-1

IMG 1922 copy edited-1

IMG 1929 copy edited-1

IMG 1953 copy edited-1

IMG 1933 copyw

IMG 2001 copyw

IMG 2009 copy edited-1

IMG 2049 copy edited-1

I always make the moms get in a few pictures too during senior sessions. LOVED this fun little series.

IMG 1973 copyw

At the end, Miss Cindy treated us all to nummy cupcakes. Things got a little sugary, crumby and happy.

IMG 2081 copy edited-1

IMG 2094 copy edited-1

Thanks for coming, girls! We loved having you visit. Come back anytime. Cindy, I'll save my laundry to fold since you're so great at it :) .



The Fall Sweet Light

Late afternoon sunshine and a crisp fall day and a gorgeous senior to photograph....sign me up! I had a lovely afternoon with Asha taking her senior portraits. Her mom was the designated driver and we meandered down 162 from Sumner to Orting, jumping out whenever we saw something fun or inspiring. Her mom warned me that she was a slow driver and Asha nodded her head vigorously, but it was just a perfect afternoon. We started at a couple abandoned buildings. Poor Asha was sinking in the mud as I ran her around but she kept on smiling. And what a smile she has! I love it when confidence and beauty shine through so clearly.

IMG 0228 copy edited-1


IMG 0230 copy edited-1


IMG 0240 copy edited-1

IMG 0248 copy edited-1

IMG 0251 copy edited-1

IMG 0255 copyw

IMG 0263 copy edited-1

IMG 0272 copy edited-1

She has the biggest eyes that are so shiny and full of life.

IMG 0283 copy edited-1

We hopped over to a pumpkin patch which was hopping with people and worked hard to find some spots away from the crowds.

IMG 0294 copy edited-1

Really, what senior session is complete without a picture with a giant, pink, haybale pig?

IMG 0297 copy edited-1

IMG 0314 copy edited-1

I always make the moms get in a picture or two as well.

IMG 0324 copy edited-1

IMG 0330 copy edited-1

Part of the fun for me on an afternoon like this is playing with all the different lighting. She looked stunning every which way I turned her.

IMG 0332 copy edited-1

IMG 0343 copy edited-1

IMG 0351 copy edited-1

IMG 0359 copyw

IMG 0364 copy edited-1


IMG 0345 copy edited-1

Then off to Orting for a few more pictures after a wardrobe change that happened at Mc Donald's since we walked into the bathroom being used and not locked at the park. Eeek!

IMG 0374 copy edited-1

IMG 0396 copy edited-1

PERFECT timing for some great evening light. Isn't she just stunning all lit up like this?

IMG 0398 copyw

Asha is a dancer and I loved these next ones.

IMG 0407 copy edited-1

IMG 0385 copy edited-1

IMG 0383 copy edited-1

Asha, thank you for spending this time with me. Not only did I love taking your portraits, I so enjoyed you and feel like you are going to do beautifully all the things that God has for you!



A Long Ways from the Monkeys Class

I was there for her first individual school portraits. She was four and she was in my Mighty Monkeys preschool class. To be honest, her mother, my best friend, already had her reading at a third grade level, but Emily chirped to class every day. She was happy to play and learn at centers, and sang with the class, and painted cheerily. However, when it was time for the picture guy to come by, little Emily pulled the funniest little pout with her lip curled over...and would not smile. Lenore bought a big package of the pouty face pose.

Emily is in her senior year and I (along with a host of her other photog friends) got to take some portraits for her. When I was in Texas a few weeks ago, she took care of Theo and Ruby perfectly for me when I was doing photo sessions or visiting friends. She crafted and sewed with Ruby and fed and kissed up the baby for me.

IMG 2600 copy edited-1

Late one night, she and her dear pals, Heather and Hannah, were laughing fit to kill in her bedroom. I crept in with my camera and sat at the end of her bed.

IMG 1313 copy edited-1

IMG 1199 copy edited-1

IMG 1197 copy edited-1

I love those girls!

Emily is a smart, literary, artsy type of girl. She's rather whimsical and really comfortable in her own skin. So we wanted her photos to be fun and casual and really her. Photog friends, Chase and Hannah, shot with me and we had a ball trying different stuff.

We started off in her bedroom with the daylight streaming in.

IMG 2494 copy edited-1

IMG 2490 copy edited-1

IMG 2561 copyw

Then we went to the backyard where we took some pictures of Em along their shed.

IMG 2618 copy edited-1

IMG 2637 copy edited-1

IMG 2626 copyw

We dug around in there and I gave the assignment of finding a prop. So we came up with a license plate, books and old, funky chair.

IMG 2690 copy edited-1

IMG 2705 copy edited-1

IMG 2708 copy edited-1

IMG 2733 copy edited-1

IMG 2730 copy edited-1

The chair then got cram jammed on the laps of Emily, Chase and Hannah in the back seat of the car while Lenore motored us over to some wildflowers. Chase's sweet mom, Karen, watched my babies and was talked into buying ice cream from the ice cream man by Ruby. Sweet Miss Karen.

We did a few of Lenore and Emily together first.

IMG 2782 copyw

IMG 2785 copy edited-1

She loves her baby.

IMG 2789 copy edited-1

Then my two favorites of Lenore.

IMG 2819 copy edited-1

IMG 2822 copy edited-1

IMG 2830 copy edited-1

IMG 2878 copy edited-1

IMG 2860 copy edited-1

I love you, Em, and am so very proud of the young woman that you have become. What a fun night this was hanging out with you and all your papparazzi!