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Looking Forward to Baby {Auburn, WA Maternity Portraits}

I had a wonderful evening with Ilianette and her family, celebrating their anticipation for the little boy that will join them this summer. There's an amazing big sister and brother who are so excited and I know this little one will be very, very loved! Here's a preview of their pictures.



Getting Ready {Auburn Maternity Photography}

What a treat it was to spend an evening with Rachel, Dan, and Scotty before their little baby arrives in a few weeks. Rachel's dad and brother were also in town and we popped them in a few pictures too.  Rachel is one gorgeous mama and the way Dan made her laugh so easily was fun to watch. Scott is such a sweetheart too. When I asked him what he wanted to teach his brother he told me he'd teach him to be kind. Sounds like he's the best big brother already!  Sunshine, our local river and a beautiful, love, love!


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Pink and Blue on the Way {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

I remember how when we had our babies, they were so brand new but there was a sense that we’d already known and loved them our whole lives.  They fit us and our family like puzzle pieces.  I was thinking about that when I left from photographing Sian’s maternity session with her husband, Brant, and their little boy, William, who actually turned two the day of our pictures.  They are such great parents to William who just lights up when he’s around them.  It’s obvious too, that the little boy and girl they have on the way, already have a special place in their hearts.  Soon to be a family of five, it was very fun to document this sweet season before their twins arrive.



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Pink Polka Dot Shoes {Federal Way Maternity Photography}

The baby girl who is on the way and due to arrive this month will be very, very loved. There’s a host of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who can’t wait to see her too. She’ll be welcomed most warmly into the fold.  Janine and Matthew are going to be wonderful parents.  The deep love they have for each other and the excitement they share over their baby girl was spilling out just like the sunshine on the evening we got together for their maternity pictures.  It was a gorgeous night and a bit warm but the light was gorgeous and I loved the warmth of it over them.  Janine started the session in a darling dress and Matthew casually walked around with his hands in his pockets, smiling at his pretty wife.

Two and soon to be three. Thank you for having my document this special time.



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More Sugar and Spice on the Way {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

I can’t even say how much I appreciate the blessing of being able to photograph families and watch kids grow.  I met Meghan when she was expecting her sweet Maebry and got to document her first year. Now there is another precious little sister on the way.  I think it’s really difficult to put to words the love a mom has for her children and that crazy attachment that goes deeper than we’d ever expect.  However, the love of parenthood is universal….and I think it’s easier to see than to come up with words to describe. I’ve seen the pleasure that Meghan takes in Maebry and that her smiley girl returns. I am thrilled to document that love with this new baby that’s on the way too.  I hope you can see in these pictures the fun and affection that runs deep between this mom and her girl, and how they are very ready for a new baby to love too.

01-2014.2102-MeghanMat-703-2014.2204-MeghanMat-1405-Meghan Maternity Gallery06-MeghanMat-1507-MeghanMat-1708-MeghanMat-181-MeghanMat-21-210-MeghanMat-2211-Meghan Maternity Gallery112-MeghanMat-2613-MeghanMat-2914-Meghan Maternity Gallery215-MeghanMat-3016-Meghan Maternity Gallery317-MeghanMat-3718-Meghan Maternity Gallery419-MeghanMat-4320-MeghanMat-4421-Meghan Maternity Gallery522-MeghanMat-4823-Meghan Maternity Gallery624-MeghanMat-5525-MeghanMat-5826-Meghan Maternity Gallery727-MeghanMat-6328-MeghanMat-61

We ended by doing a fun project.  Maebry is loving art these days and so Meghan brought some paints (and wet wipes!) along and we let her mom’s tummy be her canvas.  She was thrilled and had a plan, like any good artist does!  It was chilly so we asked the coffee shop if we could do it inside and they agreed.  Maebry was meticulous with the paint….but when she ate her cake pop it was another story!

29-MeghanMat-6530-MeghanMat-6631-MeghanMat-6832-MeghanMat-6933-MeghanMat-7134-MeghanMat-7235-MeghanMat-7436-MeghanMat-7537-MeghanMat-7838-Meghan Maternity Gallery8

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Ready to Meet Liam {Auburn Maternity Photography}

I felt a  quick connection with Elizabeth and Matt.  I took the “long way” to their house which took about seven minutes, only to realize that they lived up the street from a playground that the boys and I go to at times, which is just about two minutes away from us.  Their excitement over their baby coming, when they had waited a long time for a him, was contagious. This little fellow is so incredibly loved already.  Elizabeth had been put on a modified bedrest so we stayed in their home and went for a short walk in the park down the street.  We took some shots in little Liam’s room which had a cradle made by Elizabeth’s dad, blankets folded and itty bitty shoes just waiting for chubby feet.  We took some pictures with their three dogs who looked at me like I’d lost my mind when I was laying on the carpet shooting them all.

It was fun to see how Matt could make Elizabeth laugh so easily.  She told me as we walked to the park (and he zipped down in the car so he could drive her back), that he is such a rock and just what she needs.  She said she knew he’d be a great dad.  They will both be incredible parents. 

Little Liam has arrived this week, and I’ve seen on facebook his cutie pie little face and then the outpouring of friends and family from all over who are so happy to see this couple blessed with the son that’s been in their hearts for a long time.  I can’t wait to photograph that love soon!



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Getting Ready for Baby Girl

Oh, how I love family photography and getting to document the growth of families, both as kids get older and as new members are added.  It doesn’t seem like long ago at all that I was hanging with pregnant Cathie and her husband, Timon, eating donuts at the market, where we did their first maternity shoot two years ago.  I remember talking about the unknown world of parenthood that they were ready to launch into.  Every time I’ve had the chance to photograph them and their wonderful son, Teis, it’s been such a pleasure to see how they were meant to be parents.  The love for their son is so thick it’s just impossible to miss.  And now they are adding a GIRL to their family and couldn’t be happier! We spent the morning at the beach together, catching up, chasing Teis and talking about the world of girl that they are so ready to head into.  Teis has such a sweet little personality and is quite a chatterbox at two.  He was running and dashing and quite keen on playing in the sand and throwing rocks.  We caught a good look at their family of three, just days before turning into a family of four.  I can’t wait to meet that baby girl and I’m wondering if she’ll have the same big brown eyes and long lashes as her brother.

01-Cathiematernity-102-Cathiematernity-303-Cathiematernity-404-Cathiematernity-705-Cathiematernity-1006-Cathiematernity-1107-Cathiematernity-1308-Cathiematernity-1409-Cathiematernity-2010-Cathiematernity-2111-Cathiematernity-2212-Cathiematernity-213-Cathiematernity-2314-Cathiematernity-2615-Cathiematernity-2516-Cathiematernity-2717-Cathiematernity-2818-Cathiematernity-3020-Cathiematernity-3221-Cathiematernity-3322-Cathiematernity-3523-Cathiematernity-3724-Cathie Maternity Gallery25-Cathiematernity-3626-Cathiematernity-4227-Cathiematernity-4428-Cathiematernity-4529-Cathie Maternity Gallery130-Cathiematernity-5231-Cathiematernity-5432-Cathiematernity-5633-Cathiematernity-5834-Cathiematernity-6035-Cathiematernity-6536-Cathiematernity-6637-Cathiematernity-6738-Cathiematernity-7039-Cathiematernity-7440-Cathiematernity-7641-Cathie Maternity Gallery242-Cathiematernity-7843-Cathiematernity-8244-Cathiematernity-8345-Cathiematernity-8446-Cathiematernity-8847-Cathiematernity-8948-Cathiematernity-9149-Cathiematernity-9250-Cathiematernity-93

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Sugar and Spice Times Three {Tacoma Maternity Photography}

We love this family. They have been such good friends to us and we value them greatly. We cheered when we found out that they were having another baby girl…after all, our boys are going to need some great wives one day!  They are raising some little treasures.  When Kellie and I talked about maternity pictures months ago, this was much what I had in mind….the family having fun together at the beach, late evening sunshine, bright sundresses and lots of love.   We ate dinner together first and then took some pictures while our family mucked around at the beach.  At the end, the girls played in the sand and water too until they closed down the beach.

We know they are so happy to soon meet their new baby girl and there are lots of us who can’t wait to meet her too!

Here’s a preview of their session and I dare you to look at the pictures of those giggling little girls without smiling.


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It's a .....Girl!!

Shannon was a part of a parent photography workshop I did last fall. It's been fun to see her growing and trying new things as she documents her family. She has a beautiful perspective and eye for the details that are special in their lives right now. She told me that this daily project has really helped her appreciate the every day blessing that they have in their little home.

She was signed up for my manual class this past Saturday for some of the participants who wanted to take their learning a bit further. Earlier in the week, she sent me a sweet email, sharing the wonderful news that they had another baby on the way and was looking for a few ideas of pictures she could take to make a facebook announcement of the gender which they would find out the day before the class. I asked her if we could get in on the fun and take a few shots the day of the class. She happily agreed and her husband John was a great sport and brought along their daughter Sarah.

We had a LOT of fun photographing them and celebrating the fact that another wonderful baby girl is on the way! Double the cuteness and pink in their house. They are delighted!














It was so fun to see her post the pictures and see the tidal wave of facebook love that came through. It's obvious that they are well loved and that those who care for them, know a their family is a perfect place for a new little baby girl! Congratulations, Shannon, John and Sarah!



Maternity Images in the Fog

We did a fun "gender reveal" at their family mini session in the fall which was super fun to do. I was very excited to take a few more pictures of Melissa to document how beautiful she is at the end of her pregnancy. We laughed a bit because I think pregnant moms feel like they often look like they feel, which is big and slightly uncomfortable. I love it when moms are willing to get in front of the camera anyway and I think they are often surprised and happy to have some good images of a narrow and special window of time where they are growing a little person.

I had completely pictured in my mind maternity pictures at sunset at the park at the top of our hill. I was slightly disappointed when the fog didn't burn off but we decided to go for it. Am I ever thrilled that we did! I just love how the fog and frosty branches gave such a dreamy feel to these images. In fact, I was shrieking as I snapped away, then running over and making Melissa look at the back of my camera. She was so fun and game to try anything and I am very pleased with what we got.

A very beautiful mom.

01-IMG 3610 copy

03-IMG 3623 copy

04-IMG 3632 copy

02-IMG 3617 copy

05-IMG 3622 copy

07-IMG 3644 copy

06-IMG 3636 copy

09-IMG 3649 copy

10-IMG 3647 copy

13-IMG 3670 copy

14-IMG 3653 copy

12-IMG 3663 copy

18-IMG 3683 copy


17-IMG 3673 copy

16-IMG 3679 copy

Melissa, thanks for a wonderful afternoon and I hope these images will always be a reminder of these special days before you met your son.


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A Baby Belly and a Cupcake Reward {Tacoma Newborn Photography}

During the summer when I first started my business three and a half years ago, Ellie was the first baby that I got to do my first official "belly and baby" sessions with. Then I got to meet with them several times afterwards to document their family as she grew. I always came away from those sessions feeling the genuine warmth and affection between them. And now this little lady is going to be the baby sister and a little brother is the one tucked up inside that cute baby belly.

There are a lot of reasons that I love maternity sessions. First of all, I think that pregnant moms are so beautiful. Though most don't feel super glamorous (at least the ones I know ;) ), there's just something so amazing about this narrow window of time where they are growing a little person! How incredible and worth celebrating. Secondly, I think it can be such a great time to have a last documentation of a couple/family just before everything is forever changed with a new little person. Their interactions, the way that Ellie is so fun and confident and crazy, I loved that we could highlight it.

01-IMG 2090 copy

02-IMG 2121 copy

03-IMG 2087 copy

04-IMG 2093 copy

05-IMG 2099 copy

She's a super fun little girl and was totally game to show me her belly too.


06-IMG 2109 copy

Blowing kisses.

07-IMG 2127 copy

08-IMG 2140 copy

09-IMG 2147 copy

10-IMG 2169 copy

11-IMG 2180 copy

12-IMG 2187 copy

14-IMG 2194 copy

Sharleen has the most beautiful laugh and I found myself so uplifted by the end of our session by her sweet warmth.



13-IMG 2201 copy

16-IMG 2204 copy

17-IMG 2211 copy

You can tell who knows she is the star of the show!

15-IMG 2237 copy


18-IMG 2257 copy

20-IMG 2278 copy

21-IMG 2288 copy

23-IMG 2299 copy

22-IMG 2291 copy

24-IMG 2339 copy

25-IMG 2309 copy

26-IMG 2317 copy

27-IMG 2345 copy

28-IMG 2381 copy

29-IMG 2384 copy

30-IMG 2394 copy


31-IMG 2405 copy

32-IMG 2423 copy

33-IMG 2429 copy

At the end, we headed off to reward Ellie with a yummy cupcake across the street. She was one focused girl.

34-IMG 2440 copy

35-IMG 2433 copy

36-IMG 2451 copy

37-IMG 2465 copy

39-IMG 2499 copy

38-IMG 2476 copy

40-IMG 2521 copy

41-IMG 2524 copy

Love those little legs dangling down in the middle.

42-IMG 2539 copy

43-IMG 2489 copy

Sharleen, Moni and Ellie, I can't wait to meet your sweet boy soon! And thanks for the wonderful box of cupcakes you sent me home with. My kids were so pleased to help eat them.

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Pink is Manly

They're all thrilled that a baby girl is on the way. Wesley, Zane and Orrin said that they were cool with a little sister and they told me that pink is manly :). They have just a few more weeks to wait until they get to experience some sugar and spice and everything nice. These boys are so wonderful and they are going to be awesome big brothers to their lucky little baby sister. Maternity pictures are always fun because there's that great sense of anticipation of the little person on the way. As good as things have been, they're going to get even better with another special member in the family. I loved this set of pictures as you can really see the dynamic of the family now. There's a whole lot of them ready to love this baby.

02-IMG 2751 copy


01-IMG 2762 copy

Zane, Wesley, Orrin. These fellows are ready to do some cuddling.

13-mindi gallery

Mindi looks fantastic and is so looking forward to adding a precious girl to their family.


04-IMG 2771 copy


05-IMG 2774 copy


06-IMG 2779 copy

Mr. Personality.

08-IMG 2803 copy


07-IMG 2814 copy


09-IMG 2831 copy

So Zane and my daughter, Ruby, were in the same class last year and Mindi and I smiled and nodded through the year as we waited for the kids to be dismissed. A mutual friend made the connection and it was so fun to get to know their family during this time together. I'm super excited to meet and photograph their family with their baby girl in a few weeks.

14-mindi gallery1

She's going to fit right in.

10-IMG 2869 copy

These two photos make me laugh. As they were on "stage" I had them show me a few of their best dance moves and they all let loose. Hilarious! That's what happens by the end of a session when we've had a good time together :).

15-mindi gallery2

11-IMG 2927 copy

Orrin's got something in his tummy too....maybe lunch?

12-IMG 2933 copy

Mindi and Jack, I so enjoyed taking these portraits of your family of five and can't wait to meet your sixth member...soon.

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The Little Pumpkin Growing in that Tummy is .....

I got an email from my friend, Melissa, after a week where it seemed like I had heard several items from other places of not so good news. Her note absolutely made my day! She told me that they were expecting a baby...such a sweet surprise! We talked about doing a little mini session this fall once they found out the gender of the baby. And the next pumpkin in their family after two gorgeous girls is....a boy!! Melissa and Rob said there were whoops and cheers in the ultrasound room as they were all kind of hoping for a little boy. How wonderful!

It was really fun to see Melissa and Rob post a few of these pictures on Facebook the other day and see the huge response from their friends. Everyone loves good news and everyone who knows this family knows that this sweet little pumpkin will be absolutely adored!

1-IMG 6545 copy


01-IMG 6538 copy


04-IMG 6514 copy


05-IMG 6530 copy


03-IMG 6513 copy

This little boy has some beautiful and super sweet big sisters. Aubri told me she was ready to change some diapers :).

13-poznanski gallery


14-poznanski gallery1


09-IMG 6573 copy

06-IMG 6496 copy

Then we played around a little. They are such a fun and easygoing family.


2-IMG 6638 copy

11-IMG 6559 copy

For clients, I am now creating a fun little facebook cover collage of images from their sessions, with a nice little spot on the bottom left for your profile picture to cover. If you have had a session with me this past year and would like me to create a collage for you, let me know. It's a fun little extra I am giving to say "thanks!" for the privilege of photographing your family.


Rob, Melissa, Aubri and Hayden, we sure can't wait to see your little pumpkin and we know he's got a lot of love waiting for him!

08-IMG 6615 copy



My Sister's Big Belly

When we arrived at the cottage at Pt. Roberts where we stayed last week, my sister, Kelly, and her family were there for their last night. We had planned on doing Kelly's maternity shoot but when I arrived she was slogging around in sweats with a messy bun and no makeup. She said she was kind of gross from being at the beach so maybe we should do it later that week. Taking the older sister tone, I told her, "Whatever. We are doing it tonight because the light is perfect. Go take a shower!"

She laughed and asked me if I talk to my other clients that way. Nope, just my baby sister....

After she complied :), we ran over to Grandee and Grandad's cottage where we took some inside shots.

Dang. My sister is a pretty girl. I certainly did not look like this at eight months pregnant.

IMG 6787 copy edited-1

IMG 6802 copy edited-1


IMG 6813 copy edited-1


IMG 6831 copy edited-1


IMG 6847 copybw edited-1


IMG 6860 cop1 edited-1

Then out we went and joined up with little Quinny and Dano. Truly, the light was gorgeous and my two year old niece was most happy to kiss for treats.

IMG 6677 copy edited-1

IMG 6758 copy edited-1

IMG 9209 copy edited-1

IMG 6876 copy edited-1

IMG 6890 cop-1 edited-1

IMG 6929 copy edited-1

What little person doesn't love to see her parents loving each other?

IMG 6990 copy edited-1

IMG 7022 copy edited-1

IMG 7033 copy edited-1

IMG 7060 copy edited-1

IMG 7121 copy edited-1

IMG 7163 copy edited-1

Quinny went in to get spoiled by Grandee and these two could not pull it together. Oh, if only you could hear the conversation...

IMG 7178 copy edited-1

I took about 25 shots of them laughing and laughing and Kelly complaining about "something".

IMG 7227 copy edited-1

Then I finally got them to kiss.

IMG 7238 copy edited-1

IMG 7267 copy edited-1

IMG 7187 copy edited-1

IMG 7273 copy edited-1

IMG 7298 copy edited-1

IMG 7279 copy edited-1

We can't wait to meet the baby girl tucked up in that tummy. I hope that she and Quinny will adore each other and be as close as Kelly and I are. I love you, sis.



Almost Six

Sarah was just about three months along with Baby Number Four when she sent me a message about doing a maternity session. I was thrilled and when I let her know that she could do this session as a part of the fundraising I was doing for the adoption of a little boy from China by her friend, Desiree, she said they definitely wanted to do that. By the way, Desiree, has had the final acceptances from China done and should be going to get her son in the next few weeks! Yay! You can bet that little bub and his mama will show up here on the blog! Maternity sessions are always special for me, that final time of documenting a family just before the new little one comes. I also think that pregnant moms are so beautiful, though they all smile and try not to roll their eyes when I say so :). I understand because at the end of pregnancy no-one feels super glamorous. However, a tummy full of a special little person is so worth celebrating and I don't know any moms that have done maternity sessions that regret them!

When Sarah, Morten, and their three kids drove up to the marina where we were meeting, little Luke was konked out in the back seat. The sweet guy needed a little bit of time to wake up so while his dad and big brother hung out with him for a few minutes, I started out with the girls.

Oh, how I was tempted to give Amelia's curls a boing. She was a little dream all dressed up in her sundress. I know she can barely wait to see that baby sister who will be here very shortly.

IMG 5705 copyw


IMG 5718 copy edited-1

She's been doing a lot of hugging that special tummy of her mom and feeling the baby thump around in there.

IMG 5731 copy edited-1


IMG 5780 copy edited-1


IMG 5791 copy edited-1

And a flower for the baby.


IMG 5803 copy edited-1

Then the boys were ready to roll and joined us down by the boats where Amelia was making me nervous jumping and running down the docks. So we sat :).


IMG 5842 copy edited-1


IMG 5851 copy edited-1

Yes, Luke is ready to assume the big brother role.


IMG 5864 copy edited-1


IMG 5870 copy edited-1

I had each of the kids and draw on the whiteboard. Oh, the fun that Baby Number Four will have with all these older kids to dote on her.

IMG 5887 copy edited-1

Amelia's picture was of her sister growing with the flowers.

IMG 5883 copy edited-1


IMG 5893 copy edited-1


IMG 5906 copy edited-1


IMG 5924 copy edited-1


IMG 5926 copy edited-1


IMG 5936 copy edited-1

This Caleb has a big heart. He's been working hard at the garage sale fundraising efforts for Desiree's adoption. He made a ton of signs and helped sell things.

IMG 5939 copy edited-1

While the boys were playing around, Amelia wandered into the flowers and I absolutely couldn't resist a girl in her sundress picking flowers.

IMG 5957 copy edited-1

IMG 5946 copy edited-1


IMG 5948 cop1 edited-1


IMG 5963 copy edited-1


IMG 5982 copywater


IMG 5993 copy edited-1


IMG 5999 copy edited-1


IMG 5998 copy edited-1


IMG 6004 copy edited-1

Then just as we were winding up, the light turned perfectly creamy and warm and we did a few more. I think Sarah was so stunning.

IMG 6037 copyw


IMG 6048 copy edited-1

There's a lot of love in this beautiful family and their precious girl is going to fit right in!

IMG 6051 copyw



Baby Bump on the Pier

I know it's a busy time when a new baby is expected. That's why I always appreciate the opportunity to document this special time of almost having another little person in the family. It's such a special and unique time where everything is about to change and the anticipation is high wondering what that little person will look like, how the family dynamic would change, and just longing to see that little face. Part of the wondering is often...and when will they come??? Being at the end of her pregnancy, we did a bit of wondering if we'd actually have a maternity session or if little miss might show up early. Thankfully she stayed put for about another week so we could get these portraits done with Joy, David and little Kyle.

We had a great night at the Des Moines Marina, walking the pier and the fields there. Kyle was a man on a mission: "To See Everything", like any good little boy so we pretty much jogged around behind him. He'd pause, we'd take a few photos and then we moved on. Joy looked gorgeous and the light was perfect.

IMG 0830 copy edited-1

IMG 0836 copy edited-1


IMG 0839 copy edited-1


IMG 0845 copy edited-1


IMG 0878 copy edited-1


IMG 0887 copy edited-1


IMG 0903 copy edited-1


IMG 0920 copy edited-1


IMG 0923 copy edited-1


IMG 0927 copy edited-1

The men and the women in the family ;0 . (One of the men was looking for his fishy crackers).

IMG 0937 copy edited-1


IMG 0944 copy edited-1


IMG 0947 copyw


IMG 0958 copy

David knows how to get a good laugh from his wife (always love that).

IMG 0978 copy edited-003

IMG 0986 copy edited-1


IMG 0990 copy edited-1


IMG 0993 copy edited-1


IMG 0995 copy edited-1


IMG 0999 copyw

I just love this next shot, Joy standing in the golden light watching Kyle chasing after someone's kite.

IMG 1001 copy edited-1


IMG 1006 copy edited-1

And then....the stars aligned...and we managed for a few perfect moments to distract Kyle and have him hand flowers to his mom. It was pretty sweet.

IMG 1026 copy


IMG 1030 copy edited-1


IMG 1034 copy edited-1


IMG 1044 copy edited-1

Do you know how fast little boy kisses are? Pretty fast! That's why it's good to have a fast camera!

IMG 1051 copy edited-1


IMG 1067 copy edited-1


IMG 1072 copy edited-1


IMG 1088 cop1 edited-1

IMG 1101 copy edited-002

At the end, as a reward, some time throwing rocks which is a universal hit with the little guys.

IMG 1110 copy edited-1

I just got back from photographing this little honey. Let me tell you, the tummy in these pictures was holding a sweet, sweet girl. I can't wait to share these images too!


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The Biggest Tummy at the Christmas Tree Farm

Saturday morning was a flurry of getting on mittens, hats, and strapping kids into the van to get our Christmas tree. It was frosty but sunny when we got there and met up with friends. We collected everyone and headed off. I'll post a bit more on this trip later but first I was wanted to post the sessions that we piggybacked onto this fun morning.

The first was with Kellie, Jonathan, Ariella, and Kellie's sister, Ruth (Auntie!!Auntie!!- according to Ariella). After working our way out to the fields and getting our trees, we took the train back to the barn. While the guys paid for and loaded up the trees, we all warmed up in our vehicles. Ben headed off with our crowd and I walked to a building that I'd been wanting to use for a long time with our friends. There's a neat old antique store that's not used now, on the corner of the property with an old rusty car and vintage gas pumps on the front steps. We did a maternity/Christmas session there. Little Ariella is going to be a big sister in a few weeks and they are all so excited to have their new baby girl arrive.

IMG 7549 copyw


IMG 7560 copy edited-1

Truly, Ariella has the funniest "shocked" look that she's been great at since she was a little baby.

IMG 7585 copy edited-1

IMG 7563 copy edited-1

IMG 7595 copy edited-1

IMG 7598 copy edited-1

IMG 7592 copyw

IMG 7609 copy edited-1

IMG 7614 copy edited-1

IMG 7625 copy edited-1

Here's Ruth with Kellie. Auntie can't wait to get her hands on another niece as well.

IMG 7638 copy edited-1

I asked Ariella to give Auntie a hug and she cozied in and cradled her own face. Sweet girls, both.

IMG 7695 copy edited-1

IMG 7781 copy edited-1

IMG 7641 copy edited-1

IMG 7655 copyw

IMG 7663 copy edited-1

IMG 7670 copy edited-1

IMG 7682 copy edited-1

IMG 7690 copy edited-1

Two years old. Two girls. Two is good.

IMG 7703 copy edited-1

IMG 7717 copy edited-1

IMG 7728 copy edited-1

IMG 7732 copy edited-1

IMG 7735 copy edited-1

IMG 7768 copy edited-1

IMG 7755 copy edited-1

This day at the tree farm was my last day of shooting sessions for 2011...unless, of course, their little sweetie comes along :) . I'm so happy for them.

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A Few Thoughts on What to Wear

I get asked this question so often, probably more often than any other thing about a session. What should we wear? Good question! I have to say firstly, that I am FAR more concerned about who you are and the connections that you have with your family, than the most minute detail of what you are wearing. I will take a happy kid in a dirty shirt over a grumpy kid whose stressed out mama changed his shirt three times before they arrived ANY DAY! is a prime example of the matchy-matchy look of years gone by. The whole family wearing denim shirts and identical cowboy hats is definitely not the goal. Let's forget about combing every boy's hair the same way and putting them in the same shirt and tie.

Style: I bet you have one. You may think you don't...but you do. Me, I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of mama right now but look beyond the clothes you wear to what your home looks like. Do you go for a modern look or timeless and classic? Do you love bright hues or clean neutrals? Are you comfy or do you like to decorate in a minimalistic way? Me...I may wear jeans and t-shirts but my home is all in light browns, blues, creams, and whites. When you consider that you will want to hang up your portraits in your home (I hope!), choose clothes that will fit in when hung up.

So recently, when I took some shots of my kids I dressed them in those colors. This photo will look great with my home decor.

IMG 0196 copy1 edited-1

There's really not a "right" and a "wrong" way to dress for photos but here are a few things to think about and a few ways you can go.

Colors. I prefer not to go all white as the whites can look terribly bright in black and whites and can easily lose details. One or two white shirts can work but try to mix it up. If everyone goes black, it can leave you looking pretty washed out and in a dark background, can look like floating heads! Again, one or two in black can work, just make it a variety. Medium tones work well: blues, greens, reds, oranges, browns.

Textures. It adds a lot of visual interest to have different textures in fabrics. Knits, denim, corduroy, etc. all look so different and are timeless. Homemade sweaters or crocheted hats for littles can be fun.

Patterns and trendy outfits. Bright happy colors for kids, striped tights, fun accessories can look great. Just make sure you don't have really bold, conflicting patterns.

Logos and characters. I do advise staying away from these if possible. Do you want "Old Navy" written across every family portrait? Logos can really date an image.

Comfort and looking good. I promise you, I will make you move around. Wearing clothes that are comfortable and that you feel good in are important. Wear a style that flatters you.

Mix it up! Think co-ordinate and not necessarily matching. For a family or group, I often say to choose about 3-4 colors and then have everyone dress within those colors in clothes, textures and styles that fit their personalities and "work together". I'll give you lots of examples in just a bit.

Clothing change. If you want to change outfits quickly in the middle of a session, great! Just make sure it doesn't become a stressful event. Mini sessions would not work for this for time reasons, obviously :) .

Layer for the season and weather. Dress for the weather. Little freezing cold kids in t-shirts when they need a jacket will never engage and look good in photos. When thinking fall and winter : layer, layer, layer.

If you need inspiration. If you want lots of ideas, go through my galleries on my website and see what appeals to you.

Here's a few examples from recent months.

My sister and my niece. Quinn is in a bright dress and Kelly doesn't match but her neutral brown goes right along with it. (Kelly often gives me her may see me in that dress one day!)

IMG 0498 copy edited-1

Love how they used a pop of bright color for the baby!

IMG 0531 copy edited-1

Same "feel" to these dresses but different colors and styles. Rather whimsical.

IMG 0654 copy edited-1

Same color families with a bright red dress  for the baby girl.

IMG 1159 copy edited-1

Different textures and colors but it all works really well.

IMG 1412 copy copy


You can see how the clothes they wear fit very well with the style of their home. Clean, classic.

IMG 2101 copy edited-1

They don't match but their colors go really well. These are styles that look great on them. Misty's due date is today. Come on, baby girl!!

IMG 2599 copy edited-2

Meg used the same colors with her and her little girl but very much a little girl style for Kylie and a great outfit that flattered her and emphasized that wonderful tummy.

IMG 3851 copy edited-1

The cousins at a big family shoot. They all went with blues, whites, purples, blacks. Even a little pattern is not overwhelming and looks great. Unified but not cookie cutter.

IMG 4267 copy-1 edited-2

Fun, bright fall colors. I loved how the blanket she chose had a fall feel too!

IMG 4707 copy edited-2

Here's the siblings I did yesterday. No color co-ordinating but they all look fabulous together because they wear their own styles so well. Nice!

IMG 6631 copywat

I was chatting with my dear friend, Alison, who I will be photographing in Texas in a couple weeks. She was feeling a bit overwhelmed with getting outfits together for them and asking a few questions. I told her maybe we should just both wear the bridesmaid dresses we wore at each other's weddings. She agreed that would be awesome. (I betcha they'll be one of the coolest dressed families of the year :) ).

So have fun thinking about clothes but in the end your pictures are way more about you than what you are wearing.



Sunset in a Grassy Field

Meg understands completely the kinds of pregnancies that I have had. Like me, she's had some pre-term contraction stress, made a few runs to the hospital to be checked out, and worked through being on medication to keep the baby in and growing. Thankfully, she's doing wonderfully and little baby boy is growing perfectly like he should be. She's had to take it easy, postpone projects, and let go of a lot. I am really proud of her for taking care of herself and her family and cannot wait to meet this baby boy...but we certainly can wait until full term :).

Sometimes in the stress of a pregnancy that has some challenges, it is a gift to remember all the beautiful parts too. The hope, the dreams, the sweetness of a little family of three that's about to go to a family of four. That was our hope for this session, to photograph the blessing of these days and the anticipation and love that they have for their boy.

While Max was coming in from work, Meg and Kylie met up with me at Legendary Donuts which is one of their favorite places to go to. In fact, Kylie started off her 2-year-old birthday here just a few weeks ago.

IMG 3521 copy edited-1


IMG 3523 copy edited-1


IMG 3574 copy edited-1


IMG 3595 copy edited-1

This little girl is her mama's shadow.

IMG 3599 copyw-1

Meg said that they prayed at the beginning of this pregnancy that Kylie would flourish. I think it's obvious that prayer was answered.

IMG 3631 copy edited-1


IMG 3658 copy edited-1

Sometimes, it's the most unlikely pictures that I just LOVE and the following one falls in that category. Maybe it's the wee sandals or the way her mom wraps her arms around her or the fact that it's really three of them, not two.

IMG 3668 copy edited-1


IMG 3670 copy edited-1

Do you think the yellow flowers were a) at a plant nursery garden b) at a local park c) outside Mc Donald's? Ding, ding, (c) is correct! Sometimes it's the most unlikely places that has the most perfect spots.

IMG 3686 copy edited-1


IMG 3691 copy edited-1

Meg's request for pictures was sunshine and grass. I'm all about sunshine and grass and a gorgeous family at sunset.


IMG 3706 copy edited-1


IMG 3711 copy edited-1


IMG 3724 copywat


IMG 3736 copy edited-1

I was back in the Legendary Donuts parking lot after Meg dropped me off from the field and I quickly spun through what we got. As soon as I saw this image, tears sprung to my eyes.

There's a lot of love for this baby.

IMG 3755 copy edited-1

Meg is so loving with her sweet girl and grateful for the gift of her family.

IMG 3752 copy edited-1

Here he is with a smooshy face on his amazing ultrasound.

IMG 3789 copy edited-1

Enter Max. He had been working all day, commuted a long, Friday evening drive home, missed dinner, and came striding through to us with a smile on his face. Meg always talks so highly of him and I can see why. I was impressed.

IMG 3814 copy edited-1

IMG 3819 copy edited-1

IMG 3822 copy edited-1

IMG 3838 copy edited-1

Pure sweetness and innocence. What a lovely girl this Kylie is!

IMG 3828 copy edited-1


IMG 3851 copyw

This little koala is a gift that Kylie got to help pick out for her brother. I can picture him tucked into this family shot soon.

IMG 3859 copy edited-1

IMG 3870 copywat

IMG 3883 copy edited-1

IMG 3887 copy edited-1

IMG 3895 copy edited-1

Tickles. Giggles.

IMG 4014 copy edited-1

Kylie on the blanket with her Bun-buns.

IMG 3988 copy edited-1

He'll be here soon and will be well worth the wait.

IMG 3973 copy edited-1



A Belly Full of Baby Girl

Nothing brings hope eternal like a baby on the way. Jagatjoti Khalsa

She has a heart a mile wide and cherishes her husband and her son. She talks about them and the way that she values them makes all of us around her want to be a better wife and mom. Add to that little family now a little girl who is just days away from being right in the middle of them and the hope..and love...and delight are so evident. They are beyond happy.

Misty and I have been dreaming about this maternity session for months. We pushed it back one overcast and drizzly day because we wanted beautiful evening sunshine. We got the perfect night and met out at Misty's parents' gorgeous property, where Misty grew up.

IMG 2419 copy edited-1


IMG 2466 copy edited-1


IMG 2485 copy edited-1


IMG 2489 copy edited-1

The sun was streaming in through the willow tree so we camped out there a while.

IMG 2513 copy edited-1

IMG 2519 copy edited-1

This boy adores his mama, and I suspect he's going to take care of his baby sister too.

IMG 2527 copy edited-1

IMG 2546 copy edited-1

Then Hayden roared off to jump on the trampoline with his cousins while I spent some time with his parents. David is such a great guy.

IMG 2595 copy edited-1

IMG 2599 copy edited-1

IMG 2601 copy


IMG 2618 copy edited-1

IMG 2625 copy edited-1

IMG 2642 copywat

IMG 2651 copy edited-1

IMG 2656 copy edited-1

IMG 2661 copy edited-1

IMG 2669 copy edited-1

IMG 2672 copy edited-1

IMG 2684 copy edited-1

It was Misty's beautiful mom's birthday that day. We don't even need to wonder what this baby girl will look like.

IMG 2698 copy edited-1

We popped over to visit Ginger. Carrot bribes, baby.

IMG 2759 copy edited-1

IMG 2763 copy edited-1

Just as we were losing light, we ran inside to turn on the tub water and Misty changed into her swimsuit for some belly in the bubbles pictures. LOVE these.

IMG 2790 copywat-1

IMG 2792 copywat

The plan is for me to photograph the birth of this baby girl. I. Can. Not. Wait. One of my very favorite pictures of my whole life is of me clutching Ruby to me seconds after she was born. I have tears running down my face and I look completely and utterly and wildly in love with this little person who I had loved my whole life....and now got to hold. Birth photography is getting more and more common as people are recognizing that this once in a lifetime (literally) opportunity is packed with beauty and emotion.

You'll be seeing this baby girl soon.