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Jared and Amber-One Year into Forever {Auburn Anniversary Photography}

We all loved, LOVED our time with Jared and Amber visiting.  We got them for a couple days at our house while they were on a trip to Washington to celebrate one year of marriage!  They are pretty much kid  magnets and our kids were with them like bees with honey. We loved having a chance to talk and visit and hear their hearts and what they are pursuing together.  They are solid.  Long, long, loooooong ago I was their Sunday school teacher when they were littles and what fun it is to now be friends.  I am so encouraged and proud!

One evening, we left Ben behind to put the kids to bed and do dinner dishes so I could take a few anniversary pictures of them (fair trade, eh?).  We had a fantastic time. I think one year in and they are even more in love….

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