Senior pictures are such a great way to get an honest portrait of a milestone transition in life. They are such a far cry from the overly stiff robe-and-silk-rose graduation picture that was standard from the dark ages when I graduated :) .

I had a super night with Zach the other night in downtown Tacoma. Almost every time I have been there lately, it's been quiet but on this day it was packed and I had to circle around a few times to find parking. This turned out to not be such a bad thing as I found some new cool buildings and streets to photograph. We walked up and down the hills, and Zach was as cool as could be, while I was huffing and puffing. I loved that he was up for anything.

He's on his last two weeks of school here and is a hard working guy with some plans and strong goals he's working towards. I've known him and his family for about eight years and he was kind and just smiled at me when I kept saying, "I can't believe you are all grown up and graduating!!"

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I had a great time with you, Zach. Kerry, I loved being able to chat and catch up with you, too!

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