I feel very thankful to be in a great community of fellow moms who swap ideas and advice, understand, have a great sense of humor, are honest about the nitty gritty, and who value their role in shaping their children's hearts like I do. Jen is one of these friends. She is pure gold, warm and caring, and very generous.

She and I have been planning this session with her husband and boys for a long time. We ended up with the most beautiful Saturday that we've had in our area this year and Pt. Defiance Park, where we met up, was jammed with fellow sun craving Northwesterners. We kind of had to adjust where we were a few times so we could work out a lot of the vitamin D seeking masses :) .

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These brothers are happy guys. They both have very different personalities but go together like peas and carrots.

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Jen's sister is a beautiful photographer and took some of her maternity pictures when she was pregnant with Caleb in this amazing walkway. It's always fun to repeat locations as kids get older. Caleb has his tongue out..a perfect 2-year-old.

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IMG 8879 copy edited-1

Little brothers were getting very distracted until they heard their mama making pig noises at my request which got them giggling and giggling.

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As we were going into this, Jen laughed and said that I was to tell her if her hair got a bit messy or out of place as we were running around. In the following picture she had tucked her pretty hair all up while we were getting individual shots of the boys....and it doesn't matter a bit. What does matter is the sweet, sweet looks of her boys' faces as they melted into their mama, and the way she wrapped her arms around them.

I posted this picture as a bit of a preview on Facebook and Jen responded with these kind words: "I cannot thank you enough for capturing a bit of my life on film. I will be putting this on my wall for sure. This is what I love about what you do...you capture life and love as it happens when we don't even know you are doing it. You are truly blessed with an amazing heart and talent. Thank you."

You know what love feels like....and it is my goal and privilege to capture that image so you can see what it looks like too.

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We definitely do some more formal shots, but I always love the interactions like below (the best :) ).

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We popped over to Owen Beach but the tide was in and it was so very crowded. While Michael was bringing in Caleb, I was chatting with Jen and Isaac came down, unprompted, with a flower for his mom. He's that kind of sweet. There's a special thing with moms and boys. I read a quote years ago from the book Designing with Photos “A year before my mother died, I visited her home in Italy. One morning, when she thought I was still sleeping, she tiptoed into my room and carefully tucked the covers around me. No matter that I was a 74 year old man, a father and grandfather, I was still, always, her boy” -Ivan

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We found a wee spot to throw some rocks. Oh yeah, and no-one got nailed!

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Happy times with happy people (especially happy boys) makes me...happy.

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