For years now, whenever I have all three of my boys out running errands, someone inevitably says, "Wow. You've got your hands full." I nod affirmingly. All that to say, I know a thing or two about busy boys and when Arun and Dylan hit the ground running at their family session, I knew that I'd be running too. I actually like it that way and prefer to get little monkeys monkeying around. It's way better to capture their family the way they are: teasing, playing, laughing, hugging, than to plead with little boys to sit on a chair and fold their hands. Nia and Bobby were so loving with their littles and I  enjoyed their interactions. I was so happy that they were game to play together and let me photograph those interactions. They're busy, these boys, but they have good hearts and that's what counts. IMG 6973 copy


IMG 6983 cop1jpg


IMG 6995 cop1


IMG 6987 copy


IMG 7022 copy


IMG 7072 copy


IMG 7088 cop-1


IMG 7103 copy




IMG 7126 copy

I had to bargain hard with Arun, five pictures of him giggling and then I had to chase him :).

IMG 7136 copy

IMG 7169 copy

IMG 7230 copy

IMG 7234 copy

IMG 7248 cop1



IMG 7322 cop1


IMG 7281 copy

IMG 7308 copy



IMG 7342 copy

IMG 7384 copy

IMG 7387 copy

IMG 7423 copy

IMG 7440 copy

IMG 7530 copy

We were all a tiny bit winded at the end (especially me!) and I'd say it sure was worth it to document those bright smiles as they played together.