I have been a bit chagrinned to realize over the last couple of days at just how crabby I can get when the heat in my house is in the high nineties. I have refused to cook (leftovers, pb &j or cold cereal), I have barked at those who have left the doors open to midday heat, and I have had the patience of nobody saintly.

The high nineties in Seattle? Several days in a row? Maybe even 100 degrees today? This isn't the temperate northwest that I know and love. This is a land that is requiring great strategy and skill in cooling off in our un-air conditioned house....and we apparently don't have that skill or the ability to find an air conditioner unit.

IMG 7439 copy

Here are a few images of us cooling off....

The boys stripped down to diapers most of the time and honestly, down to the buff outside too.

IMG 7558 copy

Many, many, many popsicles made of Trader Joe's juice in our little popsicle makers from Target.

IMG 7552 copy

A rare moment of sharing, as without a cold treat, grumpy grabbing has been the norm.

IMG 7565 copy

This Elmo sprinkler has seen MUCH use!

IMG 7588 copy

Kiddie pool put to work a few hours a day.

IMG 7599 copy

Last night, Ben and I tried to play "The Glad Game" at 1:30 A.M. as we avoided bed and tried to cheer ourselves.

  • glad that we are not pioneers on a covered wagon covering the prairies in this kind of heat.
  • glad we have refrigeration and cold drinks and don't have to drink tepid water from wells.
  • glad we are a stone's throw away from a grocery store with ice cream (unlike some in the African plains).

Do you see how we are becoming martyrs and comparing ourselves to feel better. Sigh. We are spoiled rotten.

So today my mum and aunt come down because they are the ones to stay in this warm house with the boys while Ben, Ruby and I get to go to the East Coast. My mum, the woman who starts getting red and puffy when it is 74 degrees (which is the usual average for this day in July). I will pass on my house-and-boy-cooling hints but I think I owe them big for this one.