When I arrived at their home, eleven week old Charlie was sitting in his little chair, in all his chubby cuteness, giving me the thousand mile stare. This boy was ready for a bit of a nap on that cozy, sunlit afternoon. But being the champ that he is, he good naturedly went along with the session and caught a few winks along the way. IMG 7382 copy edited-1

IMG 7377 copy edited-1

I asked Shannon if she was feeding her boy straight cream. Look at these lovely rolls and chub! Here he is on a wonderful handmade quilt, made especially for him.

IMG 7404 copy edited-1

Here he is on another hand knit blanket. Lots of love from all around.

IMG 7453 copy edited-1

Oh, I couldn't wait to get ahold of this little guy. His mummy, Shannon, is a dear friend of my sister. They went through their emergency residency together and even though they are docs in different hospitals now, they constantly get together. They even managed to be pregnant at the same time and shopped, shared a doctor, and swapped advice along the way. How fun is that. My sister has raved to me about what a happy little lump of a baby that Charlie is, and she was so right.

I think it is the right thing for a baby to be so very happy, when he is so very, very loved. His mummy and daddy, Jamie, are clearly taken with their beautiful son.

IMG 7461 copy edited-1

I was really impressed with them and the way that they are so comfortable with their little guy. I also love the way that they are swinging him along for hiking trips and walks down at the beach, which is all helping to make this little fellow one flexible guy.

Beautiful mummy.

IMG 7480 copy edited-1

Oh, how they love their boy.

IMG 7486 copywat

Even when he uttered a wee complaint about having his sleep interrupted, he was so terribly cute, as was his sympathetic mummy.

IMG 7412 copywat

So out we went for a walk in their yard.

IMG 7430 copywat

IMG 7435 copy edited-1


And yes, that is the ocean right beyond their hedge.

IMG 7500 copy edited-1

What a ham. Look at that little tongue sticking out.

IMG 7507 copy edited-1

I am fully aware that there are a lot of dads out there who love babies...especially when they get old enough to walk and talk. That's why I always am an extra bit impressed with dads who jump right into the little baby stage too. Jamie was so warm with his son and I can tell they have already had a lot of fun together.

IMG 7530 copy edited-1

IMG 7540 copy edited-1

Then Charlie was dressed up in his fancy duds for a little walk outside.

IMG 7544 copy edited-1

Such a little man.

IMG 7554 copy edited-1

IMG 7573 copy edited-1

And then down to the beach where they often go at night, with an appetizer, glass of wine and a happy boy, to watch the sun set. Ummm, I want to live there too.

IMG 7643 copy edited-1

IMG 7653 copy edited-1

As I left their home, I was thinking that it would be so amazing if I could get a "runner's high" like the high I get from a session like this....I would be one marathon running girl! It's the connections, the love, and being invited to come in the middle of it to capture just a bit of it forever, that I love, love, love. It is such a privilege. Thank you, Shannon, Jamie, and Charlie!