Wintertime pictures. I'm really loving shooting in January, amazingly enough. The other day I was at their house and when I spotted this awesome little lot a couple of houses away from theirs, I made the girls get their coats on and come with me. I loved how the tree behind them and the long grasses felt so bare but them so full of life in the middle of it all. Plus, they are fun and silly and giggly and it was fun to do a short little series of these sisters.

01-IMG 3432 copy

02-IMG 3500 copy

05-IMG 3486 copy

03-IMG 3499 copysep

06-IMG 3464 copy

07-IMG 3470 copy

10-IMG 3472 copy


04-IMG 3491 copy

08-IMG 3497 copy

This one had a lot of crazy going on that day!

09-IMG 3520 copy

12-IMG 3527 copy

13-IMG 3519 copy

11-IMG 3499 copy

Before Christmas, after a VERY long day we ended up with a dead battery in a windy and rainy and dark parking lot. I looked at Ben as our engine coughed and sputtered and and he said, "I'm calling Chris." Without a thought, Chris laughed and said he was on his way to rescue us and he even brought with him his wonderful wife and these lovely girls. They cheered us up, charged our battery, made us laugh and sent us on our way. Good friends.