***correction...though the URL says Winter 2013, the classes are in Winter 2014, of course.  First day of the new year and I need to change the year in my head yet! I got my first digital camera a month before my daughter was born.  I banged away on AUTO, trying to capture every moment of her growing.  I quickly realized that AUTO wouldn’t cut it if I wanted to get better at capturing her growth so I started reading and experimenting and probably made every mistake that there is with my camera.  I was hungry for portraits that both captured the moment and were beautiful.  I fell in love with portraiture and though I have such a passion for photographing people, I have found great satisfaction with teaching parents and really, anybody who wants to take portraits, how to better photograph the people they love too!

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This winter, I am opening up two dates:

Parent Photography Workshop. February 8, 2014. 12:30-3:30 p.m. At my home in Auburn, WA.  Class size up to 12 participants. $85.

We’ll talk about:

  • capturing genuine emotion and character from babies, preschoolers, kids, teens and adults.
  • composition and how to set up your shot from a variety of perspectives.
  • how to find beautiful light for your subjects and how to shoot in low light .
  • what kinds of things you may want to photograph and some ideas on how to display your images.
  • how to get past auto and what goes into getting correct exposure (I’ll send you home feeling good about shooting in A or AV mode).

Then we’ll  shoot together for the last 45 minutes of the class to practice what we’ve talked about.  It’s so fun to see the lights go on!

Shooting in Manual. February 15. 12:30-4:30. Auburn, WA. Class size up to 6 participants. $125.

For those who want more control of their cameras to be able to shoot in a variety of challenging situations, this is a great option!

This is a class where we have one hour of sit down instruction and then three hours of shooting together using manual mode to give you the most complete control of your camera.  We’ll focus on shooting the most challenging things to capture in any other mode: action, backlighting, high contrasts of lights, shooting in very low light, and using a variety of shutter speeds. With a live model,  I’ll talk you through lighting, how I place people and interact with them.  It is a small group and fantastic for questions.  It’s been SO fun for me to see participants of this class just take off!

You need to have a good working knowledge of the basics of exposure and a portrait lens for this class.


If you want to be in either class, let me know through the contact section of my website or by emailing me at cassandra@benandcassandrahamiltonphotography.com.  Your full registration fee will hold your spot. When you tell me you want to be in the class, I’ll give you my address so you can mail in your check.

I am very excited to see more people equipped to document their every day lives!

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