I am headed with my family to Mexico for a week for a little fiesta time to celebrate my parent's 40th. Isn't that nice of them to take us all there? I am hoping to sneak in a little siesta time and book reading, if we can make it through the red eye flight, connection and two hour drive intact with our crazies.

I am booking up quickly for the fall and will be taking a break (except for newborns) from Thanksgiving on through Christmas. I have a few sessions available so if you might be interested...send me an email through my contact section of the website.

I have been so appreciative of all the opportunities to photograph such wonderful people and families. I feel immeasurably grateful to all you who take a moment to check out my blog and send such kind and encouraging messages via Facebook and on the comment sections. Thank you!!

I wanted to remember what these legs and toes look like right now. I love those thirty toes. Ten of them get painted and all thirty have been kissed as babies. Ruby has a freckle on the bottom of her third toe on her left foot. I love how her legs are stretching out and are a little bruised from all the playing outside. My legs looked just like that when I was little. Jasper has those pudgy thighs. And Tymen's knees are scratchy from all the tottering over as he follows the older two and can't quite keep up sometimes.

IMG 2955copywat

The only way I could keep them still for a few minutes was by doling out chocolate chips between shots. And no, my floor is never really clean any more. I just gave it a quick wipe before I parked them in front of the wall.

IMG 2972 copywat

I just recently got a lovely thank you email from a mom after a session. She wrote about how in the midst of some of the challenges of the age and stage her child is at, the photos have helped her to remember the wonderful person that her child is becoming. I took that as a wonderful compliment as I know the feeling. Sometimes I feel up to my eyeballs in diapers, hauling snacks, repeated instructions, and refereeing little boys who always seem to want the same toy at the same time. The sweetness of these times and the details of my littles can get overshadowed by all the craziness of our days together. Then I look at images like these and it is a reminder to pay attention.

IMG 2993wat

So today, I am thankful for those six little legs...and 30 toes....and chocolate chips that keep them still for a few minutes.