For out 10th anniversary I tagged along with Ben on his business trip to Santa Barbara. Besides the gift of a few beautiful days to enjoy the sunshine and relax, I also booked a session with Joy of Wildflowers Photography . I'd admired Joy's very unique and lovely work for years and it was such a treat to have that time with her. She is wildly popular for the way that she has developed such a beautiful and unique style but in meeting her, she was absolutely as lovely and down to earth as you could imagine. We showed up for our photos to her home where she was wearing gum boots, had a sunny smile and a baby on her hip. Not being as comfortable on the other side of the camera, she put us right at ease and we had a great time together.

All photos are copyright Wildflowers Photography. Thank you, Joy, for this gift!!

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Joy does some amazingly creative shoots. When I told her that our wedding scripture was, "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also", she thought it would be fun to incorporate that. Her idea was to do us searching for each other, like some of the old timey black and white movies....until we found our treasure.

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I blew this one up big into a canvas for over our bed.

Lenore, my dear friend, made my dress and I drug Ben out to Nordstrom to buy a tie that very morning.

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Then at the end, we pages through our anniversary book with pictures of us each year. Several of them were with me pregnant. We have certainly filled up our nest in ten years!

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Our other anniversary gift to ourselves is coming up next week, a trip to Paris!!!! Eeeeeek! I have decided that I am going to eat everything, absolutely everything that I want while I walk around with my camera and Ben in the city of love. Happy.