For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.Matt 6:21 NIV I love this scripture. It has been settling in my heart as I have been working on the photos of this beautiful family for it's very clear that they treasure their relationships with each other. Oh sure, when we were together there was plenty of teasing, messing around, and visiting but the underlying tone is the value that they have for each other.

My friend, Sarah, whose little  family I've photographed before, asked me if I would be able to do some family pictures of the whole crowd when her brother and his fiancée came into town this summer. I am only accepting a limited number of extended family sessions, but I was so thankful for the opportunity. Often extended family sessions can be a little hairy but this was one easygoing and laid back crowd.

We started with Sarah's family. She and Shawn have three girls that I adore. Though she'll smile and roll her eyes when I say they are perfect, it's obvious they are some pretty wonderful little gals.

IMG 4034 copy edited-1

Here's Sophie.

IMG 4096 copy edited-1

Samantha. When I was taking these individuals of the girls, I had Shawn and Sarah make silly animal noises to get the girls to giggle.  Sarah was a great puppy but when Sam requested that her dad make "goose" sounds, it did sound a little less convincing.  She still smiled, though, and that was the point :) .

IMG 4358 copy edited-2

Sierra. (I want to boing-boing her curls).


IMG 4114 copy edited-1

IMG 4187 copy edited-1


IMG 4335 copy edited-1

These are her parents with the girls. I read somewhere that Mary's hobby is her grandchildren :) . I can see that.

IMG 4194 copy1 edited-1

Pastors Steve and Mary are the senior pastors at our church and I can't even express how grateful I am for their teaching and leadership. In a world where it seems there are constant disappointments in leaders, I feel confident and thankful to have pastors who humbly and steadfastly follow the Lord and the scriptures. Their example is one that has made a place for many to find a safe "home" at our church, a place where there is always room for everyone who wants the Lord. Besides that, they are some of the kindest people you can ever meet.

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IMG 4216 copy-1 edited-1

Here are some more of the cousins: Bailey, Breauna, and Braeden. One set of good looking siblings! Their little cousins were most happy to have "the big kids" to play with them :) .

IMG 4148 copy edited-1

IMG 4287-1 copy

IMG 4298 copy edited-1

Rebecca and Rob, looking  like movie stars here.

IMG 4168 copy edited-1


IMG 413222-1

Then there is Danielle and Andrew, happy and planning out their wedding. Sarah said that they're all thrilled to be adding Danielle into the family. The big sisters weigh in with their approval.

IMG 4222 copy edited-1


IMG 4267 copy-1 edited-1

The whole family. Smiling faces from everyone and a little piggie nose made by Sierra. Awesome.

IMG 4262 copy edited-1

IMG 4310 copy-1 edited-1

Oh, I love this one so much. They told me that getting along was not just encouraged, but enforced when they were growing up.

IMG 4322 copy copy edited-1

Then we wandered down to the Poetry Steps where everyone was instructed to find a word that described themselves. The guys were having a hard time picking a word so the girls stepped in to "help" them. Ha!

IMG 4376 copy edited-1

Poor Shawn just shook his head and held up his sign.

IMG 4379 copy edited-1

Oh girls, you are funny.

IMG 4384 copy edited-1

Sweet bug of an almost-two-year-old. It's no surprise to me that this honey of a Sophia, has a honey of a grandma.

IMG 4404 copy edited-1

IMG 4390 copy edited-1

IMG 4393 copywat

The words the girls ended up with (beauty, kind, candy, diamond) were very different than the guys (meathead, machine, stud). We could have played around with words for a long time.

IMG 4440-1 copy

As we walked around, sweet Mary thanked me several times for doing their pictures and said that she'd be just thrilled for a snapshot of all of them together. I'm glad we were able to do a bit more than that.

IMG 4448 copy1 edited-1

I know you know you are blessed to have each other, but I hope these photos will be a  reminder of just how much.