Remember this dollbaby? I got to have round two with her....and I wasn't complaining one bit. Her first set of newborn pictures was taken before her Nana and Oma had to fly home just three days after she was born. However, Dad had to go to work that day, so I got to come back and see her two weeks later. She has grown and is becoming quite a little personality. She had a few rough days with a fever and hospital visit but is now just fine. Her parents were troupers and had support and prayer from a lot of people. So here they are altogether.

LOVE this first one. Don't they look like the process of Reagan going from tummy to arms was absolutely effortless?

IMG 6083 copy edited-2

IMG 2461 copy edited-1

IMG 2469 copy edited-1

Shan has some pretty big daddy hands.

IMG 2381 copy edited-1

Without the binky...and with. Hee-hee.

IMG 2391 copy edited-1

Such a tiny girl being loved with such a lot of love.

IMG 2399 copy edited-1

IMG 2479 copy edited-1

IMG 2529 copy edited-1

Smitten. Without a doubt.

IMG 2495 copy1

Shan's mom was there too. This sweet grandma has loved on a lot of babies. I happened to have Theo with me for this second session, and when he woke up in his carseat and complained, she rocked him right back to sleep effortlessly.

IMG 2522 copy edited-1

Also, Shauna's sister, Aubry, was there to help too.

IMG 2434 copy1

Such a loved little girlie...and I think she knows it.