Driving to this session, my windshield wipers were going furiously and everything outside looked grey and miserable. I knew we were going to have to get creative because this was another session that couldn't be postponed. Jeff's oldest kids were in town and so if we were going to do photos, it was now or never....well maybe not never, but not for a while :) . Watching the weather reports used to stress me out but I have learned that it always works out. Truly.

We met up at Union Station in Tacoma and used their lovely entrance way as a wonderful dry spot with gorgeous lighting. Jeffrey, the older brother, was chasing around his little brother and sister, keeping them warm and laughing. Everyone was ready to roll and I was so pleased with the images we came up with.

IMG 4488 copy edited-1

It was obvious to me that little Hannah and Jacob are pretty thrilled to have the attention of such a great big brother and sister.

IMG 4512 copy edited-1

LOVE this one.

IMG 4491 copywat

Jeff and Shannon were just thrilled to have all their kids together for this session.

IMG 4522 copy edited-1

Eskimo kisses.

IMG 4533 copy edited-1

IMG 4568 copy edited-1

My beautiful friend Shannon has this nice big wall in their home that she's hoping to fill up with some family pictures. I think you have a few goodies to choose from, my friend.

IMG 4594 copy edited-1

IMG 4608 copy edited-1

IMG 4614 copy edited-1

IMG 4620 copy edited-1

IMG 4636 copy edited-1

See those amazing curls on little Jacob? His mom was sad that he was wanting to cut them off. Thank goodness we have some "before the haircut" pictures!

IMG 4651 copy edited-1

Amie and I had the same idea...of heading over to Hello Cupcake across the street. I took it as confirmation and off we went!

IMG 4658 copy edited-1

The family patriarch wasn't so sure that the pink was so manly but he was outvoted and managed to find a coconut cupcake that looked pretty inviting.

Love Jacob's sugar glaze going on as he scopes out the possibilities!

IMG 4688 copy edited-1

This place was fabulous! Big huge windows that let in tons of light, yummy treats, and lots of great details. Sigh. Too bad we had to suffer in there.

IMG 4692 copy edited-1

IMG 4703 copy edited-1

IMG 4708 copy edited-1

How sweet it is.

IMG 4762 copy edited-1

Oh, it was a wonderful time, especially when Jeff insisted that I be sugared up with the rest of them. I got to finish this session, visiting with my friends and eating my red velvet cupcake.

Rain, shmain.