Most of the time, family pictures have a dicey factor ( or two or three)….a grumpy little, some looming rainclouds, a mom who’s feeling anxious, an over crowded location.  It’s not a big deal and we always make things work. Every once in a while it all comes together perfectly and feels way too easy.  Perfect weather and light, a gorgeous park, amazing fall colour,  two beaming preschoolers and a family that was happy to play together.  Bliss.  Thanks, Lark and Warren, for bringing your beautiful family for me to play with.


Ummmm, hello genetics!07-Lampman-1208-Lampman-1509-Lampman-1710-Lampman-2011-Lampman-2512-Lampman Fall 2014113-Lampman-2814-Lampman-3015-Lampman-3216-Lampman-34

Dance par-tay!17-Lampman-3518-Lampman.4019-Lampman Fall 2014220-Lampman-4521-Lampman-4722-Lampman-4823-Lampman-4924-Lampman-5025-Lampman-5226-Lampman-5527-Lampman-5628-Lampman-5729-Lampman-58

Photobombers!30-Lampman-6231-Lampman-6332-Lampman-6433-Lampman-7034-Lampman Fall 2014335-Lampman-7436-Lampman-7537-Lampman Fall 2014438-Lampman-7739-Lampman-7840-Lampman-7941-Lampman-8742-Lampman-8943-Lampman-91

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