I have people ask me often what to wear for family pictures.  I have written a post on what to wear a while back but today wanted to share what we did for our family photos with Jon and Moch Photography this summer. 

First of all, I was so, so, so excited to have family pictures with all six of us in them.  I am always shooting the kids and Ben with them and will hand off the camera to him to get some of me with the crazies.  However, it’s so very fun to have ones of all six of us together!  I was thrilled to have new friend and fellow photographer, Moch Snyder, take our images.  I love her fresh approach and very clean editing style.  She was fun (super fun!) and engaging and  absolutely took what I had in my head and made it more than a reality with the beautiful images she took.  I was thrilled to the core to get the pictures back and kept looking at them over and over.

After I shot another session at the beach in the morning last June, I decided that was the light I wanted.  It’s not quite as golden as the evening but still was misty and really, both Moch and I were talking about the light and how lucky we were.  I knew we’d have a clean and light beach feel and I wanted us to be very colorful.  Part of it was because I love color and part was because I knew I wanted to hang the images in our family room in some colorful frames and they’d fit in well.  I love how the colors looked.  None of us were matching but the colors worked together cohesively.  Theo pulled the boys’ chevron ties that they wore for Easter out of the closet a couple days before and I decided to use them too. A few different patterns were in the mix but that adds a little visual interest. 

One more note: I’d bought cute swimsuits for the kids and we were going to change halfway through to just play in the water and sand.  However, when Moch was shooting Ben and I, the kids just started running in the water and getting wet in their nice clothes.  We laughed and went for it and I LOVE the way these all turned out.

The final image  here is of my updated family room gallery.  The colors and how unified it looks with all the frames filled with beach images…makes me happy.

And my last thought is though clothes are definitely a consideration, the lighting and the way a family is together makes the picture way more than perfectly thought out duds Smile.

First three images by Jon and Moch Photography.  Thanks, Moch!!!