What is it that makes us moms gasp and long to squeeze a baby who has sweet rolls like these? Goodness, if we looked in the mirror and saw our own adult proportions like this baby girl, we would be horrified...but on a baby, chubby rolls are heavenly.

Sweet Malia kindly and patiently endured a breezy backyard as I stripped her down to the buff and snapped away. I got out my little angel wings...because every mom knows her baby is an angel and my daisy to hide the girl parts that should be hidden.

IMG 0070 copy

IMG 0084 copy

Don't you know her mommy kisses these cheeks hundreds of times a day.

IMG 0135 copy

Yummy, yum.

IMG 0139 copy

Can you believe she sucks these fingers? Those chocolate eyes!

IMG 0107 copy

IMG 0121 copy

Delightful. I love babies. Thanks for being such an angel, Malia, truly.

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