There are a lot, a lot, A LOT of photographers out there who specialize in different genres of photography from one end of the spectrum to the other. Photojounalistic weddings, themed portrait sessions, modern infant portraiture, edgy senior sessions. There's the very posed and the very casual, the super edited and more classic, clean looks. The more I go along, the more I am getting settled into what I love and what I feel passionately about. It's people and getting relationships and heart and soul and love in my images. That's my goal. I am far more concerned with getting the connection that you have with your little girl, than I am with making sure that you look cool (or editing away wrinkles and pounds which ladies often joke with me about). Now I definitely am going to put you in light and at angles that are more flattering, but the bottom line for me is heart.

Nothing, NOTHING makes me happier than people who get this and come into the session ready to be themselves. This family is a perfect example.

Their SESSION LAST YEAR was an absolute pleasure for me and I found myself way too excited :) as I looked forward to this year's family/ maternity shoot. They are kind and fun and the type of people that you feel instantly comfortable with. I drove up to their beautiful new (old) house and got a big hug from Felicia who has a nice baby belly this year. She walked me into the house and handed me a bag of my favorite donuts (hello, happy me!!). It was fun to get a tour of their place, hear how Elliotte is chatting this year, and talk about the baby on the way.

Their gorgeous home was just saturated with buttery sunshine and it was a perfect time to photograph them reading stories, singing songs, playing "attack" with Ellie on their bed and playing with the dog. It's the kind of stuff that happens in their every day lives. Frankly, it's the every day stuff that I love to get a bit of in my photo sessions when I can because I know that down the road, those are the things you want to remember.

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Belly bumping :) .

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I don't think Felicia has any real idea of how stunning she is.

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With Kona...the first baby.

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Derek is just such a great dad and it's fun to see how little Ellie responds to him.

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We raced off to the beach to try to catch the light...but missed it as we were tucked into a little inlet. I do love the mood and feel of this evening beach time, however.

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LOVE the way they are standing with Ellie tucked up in her daddy's arm.

IMG 1469 copyway

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Donuts at the end. A tired out, sugared out 2-year-old.

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Can't wait to hear about Baby Sister coming. Apparently, Ellie was a fast baby and was born at home before they could get to the hospital (so much for the birth plan). I know she'll have a perfect place in the family.

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This is what love in their family looks like.