A few weeks ago wrote about what I do to put photos on my walls. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Today I want to share this great idea that I got from a show on organization. It was about children's art work and how it can become a monster...big huge masterpieces, painted and beaded and glittered. We save a lot of them. Some of us try to sneak some in the recycling bin, but sometimes get sniffed out by suspicious five-year-old artists, who wail and gnash their teeth at having their treasures tossed.

The idea was this: to take photographs of the art and then to create photobooks. I jumped on this idea.

It really is a pretty simple project:

  • I took photos of a good sampling of the artwork that showed the development of her skills. I usually do anything to avoid using my flash, but in this case the colors show up much better with a flash.
  • Then I uploaded then pictures to a website that allowed the creation of photo books.
  • I arranged them chronologically by dragging and dropping. Then I jotted some notes of what she was doing as she progressed i.e. adding bodies to heads, putting in speech bubbles, labeling.

IMG 8001 copy

You can tell how greasy this page is. It is well loved.

IMG 8005 copy

IMG 8007 copy

I have to say, this book is one of the most loved in our home. Ruby loves to page through it and I do too. It's a perfect gift for grandparents.

IMG 7998 copy

It's so much more accessible than a huge stack of art.

Now I have to share a book that Ruby wrote about her brothers on pbskids.org.

I have two brothers that make me crazy . (Note the "AAAAAA" in the speech bubble)

IMG 7542 copy

So I got mommy . (I love the frown and the "RRRRRRR" sound coming out my mouth. I think I do that sometimes when I am being dramatic.)

IMG 7544 copy

"Thanks, Mommy," I said.

IMG 7547 copy

A true portrayal of what happens in our home. It's about time for me to make another book soon.