I know it can be overwhelming. Most people have boxes and boxes of photographs as well as files and files of photos on their computers. This was not a problem in the good old days. I have some albums of my childhood and of my entire first year, there are only five pages of pictures. Unbelievable. If I would let myself, I could easily fill five pages of a trip to the zoo with my kids. How things have changed.

I really want for the photographs of my family to be enjoyed and seen often. I will talk about how I do my albums another time but today I want to talk about how I put photography on my walls.

Your life is your art. I love it when people come to my house and walk the walls, smiling and commenting on the photos I have up.

My style for hanging pictures used to be rather haphazard. I would use whatever frames I had around and put pictures on shelves and counters and any available wall space. I would bang nails and sometimes tacks (which made my husband crazy) in to my walls and if I didn't like it, I'd move it around.

Then I found this book. Pottery Barn's Photos: Style Recipes

IMG 5758 copy

It helped me so much to create some cohesiveness to my framed photography. It is a super resource for how to measure and line things up, how to have variety and yet unity with styles of photos.

IMG 5761 copy

I used it to create this gallery up the stairs in our house. I know you are feasting your eyes on the marvelous paint colors....which I have labored much over this month! (MANY thanks to Tricia for the super double paint tape transition trick....I blessed you many times as I tore the tape off for a perfect line!)

Ben hung everything and I was the creative girl who put together the assortment of black frames, mirrors, and canvases.

IMG 5756 copy1

The black frames give the cohesion but the different shapes and textures keep it interesting. I used to have it all black and white but now have mixed in a lot of color and I really like it.

IMG 5757 copy

I love being able to easily change out pictures, which I just did. I also want to comment on the sizes of the pictures. An 8x10 or an 11x14 has such a different feel than just a four by six. Try putting some big prints up.

IMG 5763 copy

I also have a smaller gallery down my hallways and in the dining room, one with white frames and one with a mix of white and wood. I love seeing the images up of the ones that I love.

If you have any great ideas for photo display or organization, I would love to hear about it. My photos are probably my most treasured "things" and I want to display them as such. It feels like it is well worth the investment of time and energy.