I was chomping at the bit looking forward to this session. Just over a year ago Ellie and Sam were the first TWIN NEWBORNS that I had photographed. I remember coming in and kneeling beside them in their little Moses basket and cooing all over them. Jenny smiled and asked me  if it made me feel like having another one. I think I was pregnant a few weeks later :)..... Well, a lot has happened in the last year, including these two wonders growing up to be sweet toddlers. I've been watching them grow on Facebook and have been so warmed with Jenny's posts about how much she is enjoying them and how fortunate she feels to have such a wonderful son and daughter. Indeed, the pleasure that Ben and Jenny have in each other and in their littles is very obvious.

We arranged to meet up at one of their favorite parks. It was a perfect location for two little movers and shakers. There is a great playground and then it's right by a beach too.

I am getting ready to answer some photography questions that some of my mom friends have asked, and one of them that came up was asking how to get little kids to sit down for proper photos. Well, it's hard and that's where the choice often comes in: do I want to wrestle down toddlers and sweat it out trying to get a smile out of them, or do I want to follow them, watch them play, engage them, and capture the very real reactions along the way. I will take the second route, hands down.

Ben and Jenny were awesome in our time together, willing to try out things and very relaxed about playing along with their beautiful children. What I am finding too, about my own pictures of my kids, is that I crave the ones showing their little personalities in everyday life. Swinging. Snacking. Toddling. How little they look beside their parents. These are the things that change so much.

So....here we go.

Here's Sam with his daddy. This just barely one-year- old is nearing thirty pounds. He's going to be a big, strong guy too.

IMG 8463 copy

And Ellie with her pretty mummy. Jen could get the most wonderful smiles from her littles.

IMG 8466 copy edited-1

They said that being tossed around is always a hit.

IMG 8494 copy

They are almost ready to take off walking on their own.

IMG 8507 copy

Ellie is concerned about the crazy lady with the camera and the puppet. Loved the bright colors that the kids are in.

IMG 8535 copy

Look at Ellie's happy grin with those little bottom teeth.

IMG 8549 copy edited-1

Such a great little relationship they have.

IMG 8561 copy

IMG 8569 copy

The swings got a lot of smiles. How fun that they both still fit in together.

IMG 8583 copy edited-1

Oh, how I LOVE this one of their expressive, fun mummy.

IMG 8668 copy

Sam crossed his ankles and got comfortable for the ride.

IMG 8699 copy

IMG 8742 copy

IMG 8796 copy

Then they got on their little rain jackets, handed down from another set of boy-girl twin cousins. Three sets in the family!

IMG 8814 copy

IMG 8829 copy

Oh my, those dimply hands!

IMG 8834 copy

IMG 8867 copy

See Ellie's hand touching her mum's face?

IMG 8869 copy

IMG 8924 copywat

We quickly got one of the parents too :) . I think Sam was busy shoveling gravel into his mouth while we did this.

IMG 8931 copy

Down to the water.

IMG 8952 copy edited-1

We did some shoulder rides and Ellie gleefully messed up her mother's beautiful thick hair.

IMG 9039 copy

IMG 9058 copy

IMG 8999 copywat

IMG 9073 copy

Thanks for a wonderful time, Ben and Jenny. It was such a pleasure to see you and I can tell that at the rate these two are going, next year you'll be racing to keep up with them.