As I was driving home from this session, I was thinking about a scripture that I love that says, "A longing fulfilled is a tree of Life." Crystal and Jeremy have been longing for their baby for quite a season, and now it is so beautiful to see them come into a season of fulfillment, with a wee little one called Melody. This baby girl is so very loved, as all the babies I photograph are. However, it feels like a particular privilege to document a little person who has come after being hoped and prayed for, for a long time. I know they will confirm that she is well worth the wait.

Melody is plump, pink, and perfect...and her parents laughed when they said she doesn't look a bit like them. The way that newborns change, I don't suspect it will be long until they see little glimpses :) .

IMG 4134 copy

Crystal had been collecting Winnie the Pooh goodies for a baby room for while and it was a "Hunny" of a place. Beautiful light. Lots of goodies. We had to play around there a little.

IMG 4106 copy

IMG 4101 copywat

By next year, she'll be as big as Tigger, I suspect.

IMG 4381 copy

Here is Melody all cuddled into her beautiful crib.

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Crystal had quite a delivery, where nothing went according to plan, but she was just so grateful for the gift at the end of it. She was taking to motherhood beautifully. When I arrived, she was still feeding the baby, so I sat on the floor and talked about it all with her, loving to hear about arrivals.

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Jeremy was so happy to be there, taking care of his girls. He is one proud daddy.

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I LOVE the grumpy face on sweet Melody. It's like she's saying, "Hey, Lady, don't you know newborns are supposed to be allowed to sleep, not be moved around so much?!"

IMG 4317 copy

I was delighted to meet you, Melody! {Happy sigh}.

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