All the members of this family are really good friends of ours and we love to spend time with them. Years ago I read in a L.M. Montgomery book about people with whom you have a "visit" and people with whom you have a "visitation". A visit denotes a pleasant exchange and a visitation refers to punching your time card and getting time spent together done with. We've all had both experiences with people, haven't we? These are definitely the kind of friends we want to visit with every chance we get. Josh and Ben go between "geek talk" and hammering out life issues. Our kids play good and hard and will only stop for snacks. And Jen completely refreshes my heart. She is as lovely as she looks.

So I was most happy to take some family portraits today. We just eased this session in here with the cooler weather of the end of November but the kids were absolute champs, especially when the boys were promised hot chocolate with marshmallows. A little bribery can be a very good thing.

Ummm....I want to look like a movie star as I sit on the cold pavement with my family too. Aren't they a good looking family?

IMG 2149 copywat

First meet Hailey, who is an absolute love bug. She is as good natured as she looks.

IMG 2234 copywat

Then working our way up, we come to Benny, his dad's helper who loves to build and put things together.

IMG 2218 copywat

And big brother Eli, creative and fun and outgoing.

IMG 2216 copywat

IMG 2143 copywat

We wandered around Redondo Beach and pier, one of their favorite places to go to as a family.

IMG 2156 copywat

They are such a good fit for each other.

IMG 2212 copywat

Hailey was really digging getting to stomp in the sand. I love how Josh and Jen had to lean down to hold Hailey's hands. Sweet, sweet kids.

IMG 2267 copywat

These boys are crazy about their baby sister. They take their job of loving her up and playing with her very seriously.

IMG 2239 copywat

It's a good thing that they are so strong and have great big muscles!

IMG 2174 copywat

Here's the pretty girls in the family together. Baby Hailey sure loves her mama.

IMG 2293 copywat-1

IMG 2209 copywat

Good job, guys! I know your hot chocolate was well deserved!

IMG 2290 copywat