I am thrilled to have my website ready for viewing. I am also thrilled that my kids have made it through this process of having their mummy glued to the computer, and are relatively clean and fed....relatively being the key word. IMG 2575 copy

(Photo by Ben....under bossy wife's direction.)

So here are the deals.... and I mean plural! I would love to know what you think, be it good, bad or ugly. Of course, I prefer to know the first two but will happily accept the latter if constructively phrased. If you would care to leave a comment about: your favorite photo on the website, any observations, any criticism, I will enter your name into a drawing for a free session. Doesn't that sound like fun? This drawing will take place Friday, June 27.

Also, if you book your summer session by Thursday the 25th of June, 11:59 P.M....and I do mean exactly....you can take advantage of my "Wahoo-My-Website-Is-Up-Celebration-Rate" of $100.

Okay, I am off to hunt down some chocolate chips in my pantry to celebrate.