They are one of my favorite families to photograph.  They are warm and fun to visit with and the kids, Parker and Evelyn,  are full of sweetness and spunk.  I remember getting an email back from Ashleen after I sent them the images from their first session with me and she told me that they were shamelessly giving prints of themselves to everyone!  I also love it that they fit with me as a photographer and how I approach family photography.  I was so delighted to hear that they had another bun in the oven.  This summer, during their FAMILY PHOTOS we revealed that there was a girl on the way and I’ve been really looking forward to meeting their little lady….Violet Josephine! 

What a honey!  She is snuggly and cozy and petite and perfect.  I loved getting a chance to cuddle her and hear about her arrival and how they were all doing as we photographed her on her own and then with the rest of the family.  Right now they are in transition in a little townhouse while their new home is being built but we had everything we needed right there…good light and a really wonderful family.  We took lots of their little treasure and then lots of her being loved and held by everyone.

Can’t wait to see you all at six months and see how your precious girl has grown! 

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