I met Vanessa through a mutual friend at a birthday party and we ended up chatting in the bathroom with our little guys for a while (until they were spinning in circles and we knew we had to get back for some birthday cake :) ). Then I ran into her again at swimming lessons this summer. It was so nice to see her smiling face and when she asked me if I had another photography class coming up, I got one on the calendar. She and her friend, Shannon, who also came sent me the sweetest note which reminded me of why I love to do these classes, because it gives me a really great chunk of time with some really awesome people who love their kids and have the same heart that I do to savor these days. I was so pleased to be able to take pictures of Vanessa's family and see all the strong relationships that she and Scott have with their sons and with each other. People who love each other so much are my very favorites to photograph. I think I have a soft spot for three brothers together. There's this sense of camaraderie and also very unique personalities. I could tell right away that they are very cared for and have solid hearts. These guys were fun...and ready to play around a little.

01-IMG 4356 copy

Cruz. Cole. Julian.


The other boy got in this picture too...Moses :) Mom is very outnumbered but loving it, clearly.

02-IMG 4375 copy

03-IMG 4369 copy


04-IMG 4391 copy

05-IMG 4387 copy

06-IMG 4420 copy



07-IMG 4427 copy

Who's the stinkiest? (LOVE those expressions!)

08-IMG 4429 copy

09-IMG 4446 copy


10-IMG 4495 copy

12-IMG 4530 copy

13-IMG 4539 copy


When I asked if their mom and dad did this a lot, the boys smiled and nodded.

15-IMG 4547 copy

14-IMG 4557 copy

Vanessa and Scott, you have a beautiful family! Thanks for letting me spend this time with you.