You know how you can look in on some families and the cameraderie and family relationships are there...but they are pretty much focused entirely on themselves? Then there are others that although it is clear that they adore each other, they also circle others in to feel cared for as well. That's what I think this family is like, generous and fun, and they left me feeling just so blessed to spend the time with them.

It was raining by this point in mini sessions but I was thrilled to have this gorgeous porch lodge that let in amazing light. I am way more concerned about family connections and lighting than anything else in a shoot and we had abundance.

We started with Natalie who is a honey sunshine but also has a big dose of spunk. That's a great combination!

01-IMG 1439 copy


02-IMG 1443 copy


03-IMG 1463 copy

Too funny :).

04-IMG 1476 copy


08-IMG 1549 copy


09-IMG 1575 copy

Looooove this one of Josh and Carmen.

1-IMG 1584 copy

11-IMG 1644 copy

05-IMG 1490 copy

Trenton is a sweetheart who loves to have fun and has lots of little boy charm.

06-IMG 1513 copy

07-IMG 1530 copy

12-IMG 1656 copy

Everyone brought out their umbrellas for a quick shot. We wouldn't have all this green in the Northwest if it wasn't for a little rain now and again, right?

13-IMG 1692 copy

14-IMG 1707 copy

15-IMG 1763 copy


Thanks for being a part of fall mini session day, friends!