I vividly remember the night that I found out that I was expecting another baby. I hadn't been feeling well, had been exhausted and nauseous, and felt...well...pregnant. But I couldn't be! My baby Jasper was just five months old. I gaped at the plus sign on the pregnancy test stick and felt the shock of my life roll over me. I crashed into the office. "Look at THIS!" I wailed to Ben as I tossed the test onto his desk (I know, how sentimental). He tried to hug me, but I stood back in my shock and told him, "I need to go for Mexican food. I can't be pregant again." Well, even after I poked my way through enchiladas en crema, I was indeed pregnant. I was horrified that I would have babies just 13 months apart, especially after just going through bed rest in my pregnancy with Jasper.

But lo and behold, my heart shifted considerably and when my little peanut arrived, I wept with all the love my mother's heart felt at the birth of my first two treasures. I shoved him in a little suitcase for his first photo session.

DSCN5761 copywat

Six months.

IMG 5360 copywat

One year.

IMG 6585 copyagainwat

And now at 18 months (almost). I must say, it was much more of a workout to keep him engaged for the 18 month picture than for the newborn ones.

IMG 2904

How I love this little boy...my Tymen. He has been such a lovey from the very beginning. This morning I could hardly clean the kitchen after breakfast because he was clinging onto my leg and kissing my knee as I walked around. I say to him, "Give me love." And he buries his face in my shoulder and says, "Awwww." He dearly loves to be kissed and if I am ever eye level, he comes at me at a dead run and crashes into me with his arms open. I love this little guy from his head to his cute little toes.

IMG 0512 copywat

He's a busy boy. He is always coated with crusties after a meal. He takes things apart faster than I can clean up. He loves puppies and shrieks when he sees a dog in the neighbourhood. He has started to do fork fencing with Jasper at mealtimes, much to my pleasure. He climbs on everything.

IMG 0894 copywat

He wrestles with his brother. He's wild about his sister. He calls, "Mama...Mama" from his bed. He grins a mile wide when I go in to get him.

IMG 2524 copywat

IMG 2488 copywat

He is such a sign to me that God knows so much more than we do what we need. I love this boy. Can you just see me on his eighteenth birthday, making him take pictures with his suitcase?