This morning he was trying to help me out and he tossed several garbage items in the toilet and then beamed at me, proud to be helping out. He seems magnetically attracted to power cords, drills, flashlights...anything he is not allowed, basically.

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Anything he wants, he claims, "MINE!" he bellowed as he took my shoe out of the closet. He loves choo choo trains and airplanes. He pretends his bites of food are cows and moos before forking a bite of this or that in his mouth.

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Anytime he sees me down low and makes eye contact, he comes at a dead run to hug me. He trots into the office, calling, "Da-yee!" and wanting a kiss from Ben.

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He always wants the toy that the other kids are playing with. He loves food, "Ummm!!! YUM!" He loves it when I smell his stinky feet and make a big deal about it when I change his diapers.

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When he is in trouble with his dad and has been parked on time out, he calls out sweetly, "Mumma, 'ere are ya?" (Mumma, where are you? i.e. come rescue me)

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I love this boy.

We're having a lot of playtime around here.

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