Family pictures are not always sunshine and roses with a toddler and I get it. I've been through that stage four times now and have been just like every other nervous mama during family pictures, crossing my fingers that nothing goes sideways. As a photographer, I'm usually pretty good with the little ones. I've taught them, had them and know how to play with them. I bring my puppets, we play silly games and I agree with liberal snack bribes. It seems that usually the little guys do better than the moms had hoped and that's cool. But even when they have a wee bit of a rough start, usually if we just keep playing and trying we end up with some good shots.

Case in point: my sister's family She won't mind a little expose, I hope :) ! A few weeks ago, when we took Liv's newborn pictures, we got lots of the little dolly and of Kelly and Dano with her. Big sister, Quinny had a tummy bug and didin't join us that time. So we did part two and the big sister was showing off a bit. (Auntie was laughing behind her camera).

IMG 6141 copy

IMG 6139 copy

IMG 6149 copy

IMG 6306 copy

But we kept things happy and tried some more and got some gems.

IMG 6103 copy

IMG 6129 copybw

IMG 6109 copy


IMG 6148 cop1

That baby girl has been eatig some butter.

IMG 6115 copy

IMG 6160 copy

IMG 6162 copy

And a few more with mummy.

IMG 6212 copy

IMG 6187 copy

IMG 6223 copy

IMG 6320 copy


IMG 6231 copy

IMG 6232 copy

IMG 6275 copy

IMG 6261 copy

Moms of preschoolers know things can get hairy, but moms who have good portraits of their littles are always glad that they made the effort.