I adore this family. The kindness, affection, little bit of craziness and love that you see in these pictures is the real deal. I love that. When we get together to take pictures, I always look forward to it. I stir the pot a little and set up interactions and play with the kids and then the warmth of who they are comes shining through. It reminds me of why I love photographing families so very much. Big sister, Charise, is one tender hearted girl....and a lot of fun too, which is a great combination.

IMG 1811 copy edited-1

Josiah is a monkey and he was making crazy faces at me. I was egging him on.

IMG 1834 copy edited-1

Because after the crazy face comes this, which is way better than a "cheese" smile anyday!

IMG 1836 copy edited-1

Ella was ready to play around too. She's the youngest and is holding her own.

IMG 1843 copy edited-1


IMG 1845 copy edited-1

How lovely of the girls to match the flowers :) .

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IMG 1851 copy edited-1

I believe we were doing a little mousie puppet begging for kisses from mom and dad here.

IMG 1869 cop1 edited-1

IMG 1873 copy edited-1

I like the one with crazy face Josiah better than the nicely smiling one I got. I always dig kids being kids.

IMG 1886 copy edited-1

IMG 1893 copy edited-1

More funny boy but I promise I've got a grinning one too.

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What a great crowd!

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She's got a heart of gold and looks like a million bucks too!

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I just love the next series of Sarah with each of the kids in black and white. I hear from women all the time that they are their worst critic and I totally understand. However, what a gift it is to be photographed loving your children. They will always be reminded of the value you have for them. Seeing these ones of Sarah and her kiddos reminded me of that. I know Sarah is crazy about her beautiful children (and she is so lovely too!).

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Can't wait for next time.