Remember these LOVING SISTERS who were photographed as a Father's Day gift last year? They are still the same sweet sisters (always kind to each other, always well behaved)...and this year they brought their whole family along for a shoot. And it was FUN!

IMG 2971 copy edited-1

No lack of personality in this family, I can assure you. These girls are smart and fun and of course, they inherited those genes from somewhere, right, Melissa and Rob?

Thankful that the rain held off for our session, we wandered through some local gardens and then down a fun old street for some family shots. Here we got some happy grins on the girls' faces as they were switching back and forth, giving their mom and dad hugs.

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Here were the happy faces after their daddy was pretending to eat them.

IMG 2987 copy edited-1

Mushy, MUSHY!! Oh my, these little girls just can't stand it.

IMG 2992 copy edited-1

Oh yeah, Hayden knows how to turn on that charm. She hopped up on the bench in the gazebo, laid her head on her arms, and smiled angelically.

IMG 3008 copy edited-1

Peanut butter and jelly in the middle of the sandwich.

IMG 3047 copy edited-1

Sweet Aubri, so pretty in pink.

IMG 3080 copy edited-1

See that little leg kicking up there. LOVE it!!!

IMG 3086 copy edited-23

IMG 3088 copy edited-1

LOVE this one!

IMG 3124 copy edited-1

The four-year-old being the four-year-old. When we had my wedding party portraits taken, the one I chose to blow up was the one with my ring bearer, Joshie, pulling a goofy face. Love kids being kids.

IMG 3179 copy edited-2


For this one, I had Melissa stand along the wall and had Rob come up to her. He asked me what he was supposed to say. The girls were chirping, "Tell her that you love her!!!" I was suggesting, "Tell her about some great vacation that you are going to take her on." Then, an "interesting" man came around from the dumpsters behind the alley and started offering suggestions too. I think Rob managed to charm his wife...just look at that smile on her face....or maybe she was humoring us so that we could move on from the "helper".

IMG 3192 copy edited-1

Not difficult to see the warmth and affection of this family.

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What a lovely morning! Thanks for the time with your family, Rob and Melissa!