It's such a blessing to have family friends that go way back. This family goes way back with us: meals at each other's tables, good conversations, and a whole lot of laughing. I was so happy to have them on my mini session schedule. They showed up with smiles, coffee cups, and cute girls in yummy coats and scarves.

Hannah had the privilege of having her "class pet", Marvin with her for the weekend so he snuck in a little picture too :). I know how special it is to have the class pet and how little people look forward to that!

01-IMG 1257 copy

Sisters...can you tell?

02-IMG 1277 copy




03-IMG 1281 copy



If anyone has even stepped foot in their home and not been offered coffee, I'll give you my firstborn. (Nobody's getting my firstborn because I know that's never happened!). They are coffee drinkers and their girls have their own version of "kids' coffee". I remember one time someone offering Chris some decaf and he laughed, "What's the use?? It's like kissing your sister!"



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