The other day, Ruby had out her little travel desk on her lap in the van and started brainstorming with us Theo's nicknames which she jotted down. Muppet. Mr. Chubster. Lumpy. Snugglepuss. Butterball. Pickle Pie. Sweetie Peetie. Love. With that last name, it's funny how a verb can become a noun. We dearly love this boy of ours and have been cherishing him for two months now.

IMG 1199 copy

He's growing and changing from the last two months!

IMG 5797 copynew

Our little fella is now trying to really lift up his head. He is growing a noggin of fuzz which promises to be another example of Hamilton hair. He is a great eater. He loves to be cuddled (and I am happy to oblige). And best of all, he is grinning at us and tells us, "Goo". This morning I woke up and he was just laying in his little cradle awake. I went to get him and said, "Well, hello, sweetheart." I was rewarded by the biggest, gummy smile that completely warmed me.

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IMG 0462 copy

IMG 0498 copy

Finally, a couple in his Christmas duds from Gramma Jackie.

IMG 1224 copy


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