I've always secretly hoped that someone would have me do a session for them in the snow. It's such an ideal location with all the fun to be had and beautiful white, reflected light. I have photographed this family several times before. I absolutely adore them. Ben and Jenny are warm and engaging with their kids and yet can totally laugh at the quirky parts of their little personalities. Sam and Ellie are so charming and happy. A few months ago, when I announced the opportunities that I had for people to join with me in fundraising my friend's adoption, Jenny emailed right away, and said that they'd love to purchase a session that would go 100% towards the fundraising efforts. I wasn't surprised and was thrilled for another chance to be with them.

Jenny mentioned that the kids loved the snow and we made plans for a spring session up in the mountains. It was rather surreal to see runners jogging along the tulips and daffodils and then drive up the mountains twenty minutes and be in the snow. Sam and Ellie were so excited when we got there and reached right down in the parking lot to scoop up snow to munch on.

We had a glorious tromp through the snow and I laughed the whole time. I threw snowballs at them, they threw snowballs at me (fortunately the aim of the littles wasn't so good and my camera was safe) ! They munched on icicles, they made snow angels and slid down hills. They laughed and got tossed around by their daddy and kissed by their mummy.

IMG 4912 copy edited-1

Love Jenny's face when Ben "accidently" nailed her with a snowball.

IMG 4945 copy edited-1

IMG 4974 copy edited-1

Ellie gave me her game face before the big snowball throw. (Sam and Ellie's hats were made by ELIJAH'S CRADLE DESIGN.)

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IMG 5041 copy edited-1

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Ben came to one of my Parent Photography Workshops and said that his biggest challenge was capturing action shots of their kids...no surprise :) .

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LOVE, love, LOVE.

IMG 5137 copy1

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IMG 5224 copy edited-1

I am sure Ellie had a big tummy full of snow by the end of our time. She was eating it the whole time!

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IMG 5289 copyw

IMG 5290 copy edited-1

IMG 5311 copyw


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The snow was not rolling into balls easily so they had to get creative with their snowman.

IMG 5514 copy edited-1

Then Ellie offered a bit of the carrot nose to her daddy.

IMG 5525 copy edited-1

IMG 5518 copy edited-1

As much as I was laughing during the session, I have smiled the whole time I have edited these pictures. I love how when I photograph them, Ben and Jenny are so content to be themselves and play with their sweet loves in the way they always do. What a gift these will be to themselves, to remember the sweetness of these days and also to Sam and Ellie to have so well documented the fun that their parents had with them.

Definitely one of my favorite sessions ever.