Rebecca is my friend and has popped up on my blog a few times. During 2011 I had up the story of TRISHA'S ADOPTION, which is the post that has had the most hits ever :). Everyone loves a really great story and this one is beautiful! Then I got to do their whole family this fall when their FAMILY GREW SOME MORE.

It's been a busy year for them with two additions and all that goes on with a family of six. They are loved by many and impacting a lot of lives with the way they live theirs. The hardest part of the year has been the loss of Rebecca's dad, who was dearly, dearly loved.

Rebecca's sister, Tiffany, and her family, along with her mum, Solveig, came down from Canada to spend Christmas all together. She said it was definitely bittersweet. It was so good to be together with family but hard to have this first Christmas without their dad, husband, and grandfather. Rebecca and I decided we'd try to see if we could find a minute to take some pictures with her mum and her sister, in honor of her dad, who was very proud of his girls.

They came after their sushi lunch and some shopping for a few minutes and we snapped a few shots. They were so fun and so sweet together and I love what we got. They are absolutely beautiful, all three, and the affection they have for each other can be seen from a mile away.

Cute blond ladies :) .

IMG 0292 copyw

IMG 0294 cop edited-1

Whenever I call my kids "Baby" they protest, but I insist. "You'll always be my baby." Tiffany jumped on her mum's lap and proved it was true. How cute is she!

IMG 0317 copyw-1

IMG 0322 copyw

IMG 0303 copy edited-1

IMG 0306 cop-1 edited-1

Thanks for making some time to meet up with me, ladies. Much love to you all.