I’ve been working at sorting out some closets now that school is in.  I’ve tossed broken bits of this and that, but paused for a long time when I have come across some stacks of school work, little journals and pictures from just the last few years.  As I paged through it all and smiled, it struck me again how much and how quickly things change with children….and it makes me glad for all the evidence that I have of these days. I always have this at the back of my mind when I photograph families, especially ones with young children.  I want to see the connections between family members , how little the babies look in mom’s arms and how dads can make kids laugh like crazy.  Spending time with Lark, Warren, Amelia and Dyson the other day was that kind of session.  Dyson was gumming on his fingers, working on a new tooth, but grinning at us when his parents and sister played with him.  Warren was tossing him all around and Dyson was digging it.  Amelia was telling me about preschool, twirling and leaning in on her parents.  The way they laugh, cuddle, tickle and respond are things that I wanted to capture, and the look on their parents’ faces too as I could clearly see the pleasure there.

Thank you for a beautiful evening and I hope these pictures will become even more special to you as the years go on.  Here’s a peek of what we got.


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