Twenty-two weeks plus four days. All right, I am making some progress! You can see my tummy is definitely showing it, from the previous pictures at 14 and 18 weeks.

IMG 2319 copywat1

And well I should be looking prego at this point, because my baby is now the size of a squash, according to the Baby Center weekly emails.

IMG 6587 copy edited-1

But what I can really compare this little guy to is what I am eating MUCH of in the last few weeks...a pint of Ben and Jerry's....usually not all at once :). Have you TRIED this flavor? Heaven!

IMG 6590 copy

So a little update on me and my expanding belly:

I am feeling pretty well and am extremely thankful to be well over halfway. I have started having some very mild contractions, which is pretty normal for me and can be very normal for women who have had several children. I have some great docs at the UW who are working with my midwives to monitor me. It was greatly comforting to meet with them two weeks ago, hear their vote of confidence that I can make it to 37 weeks again, based on my history and my present condition. It always takes some extra trust for me to walk this out day by day, and not worry about what might happen. I am in the hands of the Lord and I am sure glad about that. It is my goal to have this baby at home with my midwives again as my others were. I need to be healthy and past 37 weeks to be able to do this.

As far as photography goes, I am going to plan on doing sessions until the end of August and then evaluate how much I can handle at that point. Frankly, I just enjoy it so much and it helps the waiting part of this summer go so much faster. I have never been one to watch the paint dry on the wall and having to slow down is a challenge.

So.....if you do want to secure a session with me for this summer, I do have some openings. Please contact me soon to reserve your space.

Also, I truly, truly want to thank you for all your support and warmth and encouragement in this season. Community is an immeasurable blessing.