Whew. Just made this one as I am about to hit twenty seven weeks. Our baby, according to Baby Center emails is about two pounds, the weight of a cauliflower.

He is no passive vegetable, I can tell you. This little fella is moving and bouncing all over the place, which is absolutely the sweetest part of pregnancy, and reminds me that the minor discomforts and challenges of slowing down are definitely worth it.


IMG 0538 copy-1

Someone couldn't resist hopping into this picture.

IMG 0534 copywat-1

Here is the progress.... 14 weeks....18 weeks.....22 weeks.

IMG 2319 copywat1 edited-1

I have been feeling well, and with taking things a bit more slowly in general, my body has been responding well and I have been pleased to realize I am doing far better, contraction-wise, in this pregnancy, than I was with Tymen at this point. Very manageable, unless I run all around town, try to do every stitch of laundry in the house, reorganize closets, and leap through the sprinkler all in one afternoon :). Yep, that would be a problem.

Pacing myself and realizing that this little guy can come in just over ten weeks is very exciting.

We ran out last Friday to take lollipop pictures of the kids. (I have decided to make this the Year of the Lollipops and am hauling them along to many, many sessions....blogpost to follow). It was a hairy night with crying kids, grabbing kids, broken lollipops, a quick trip to Walgreens for more, and quick haul up the sunny hill as the sun was setting, my shoe breaking. Then there were glorious shots of them, and in my one shoed bliss, I put the camera in Ben's hand, and sat down next to them.

There I am with my big tummy, and I was pretty happy to see that as decrepit as I feel sometimes, I look better than I feel. Yay! AND I really like that Banana Republic sells long shirts.

IMG 0033 copy edited-2

So, I have scheduled out to the end of August with sessions. I am a bit bummed to have to take it slower in the fall, which is a prime time for photos but...well....it's worth it for this little guy. I have started a waiting list of people who would like photos in the fall, and if I still can go and do a little each week I certainly will do so.

Thanks for all the support!