Every time spring comes, I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for a long time and catching my first breaths of fresh air again.  I just love this time of year, from the first bits of green I see in February to now when things are in full bloom. Being 100% of Dutch background I think that tulips especially are in my blood and I always remember my  mum planting lots of bulbs each year. We went with the family to the tulip fields in Mt. Vernon this year.  We went mid-week during our spring break as the last time we went on the weekend it was crazyville. The Roozengaarde Tulip Fields are so very beautiful with every variety in their robust show gardens to the fields of flowers that take your breath away with the color.  I was laying in the pathways to get just the right angles and trying out my new lensbaby lens for some fun blur (and totally got carried away with it…you’ll see!) while depending on Ben to keep the boys in check.  I bought myself some time with kettle corn but two hours were just about all they could handle in the fields without launching themselves into the mud.  Next year, I’m going with some girlfriends and spending some more time there. The beauty filled me right up.

Here’s a few of my favorites!  Color. Warmth. Growth. Hope.



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