It was after Ben and I had been married for about three years that his dad gave him a clarinet for Christmas. He picked it up and started playing perfectly and I was shocked. I hadn't known that he could play that instrument. He loved his trumpets, that I knew, but he always surprises me with what he can pick up and pull a tune out of. If any of you know his dad, you would know that it could be a purely genetic thing. My kind father-in-law has a mandolin or other instrument cradled in his arms almost all the time, and his living room is ringed with his muses.

So if there is going to be a parent in the family that teaches our kids about music, it won't be me. I can barely hold a tune and hardly made it through recorder class in grade seven.

The kids were happy when Daddy pulled out his goodies and let them play around.

Here's my baby playing some Christmas music. I really had fun in these shots with aperture (in layman's terms...throwing some things way out of focus and other things completely in focus).

IMG 1843 copywat

Ruby was first, and was thrilled to get out a sound. Ben was sitting on the couch and I opened the blinds way up so I could get this gorgeous light on the kids' faces.

IMG 1837 copywat

Ben's fingers in focus as he tries to teach her what to do. Ruby is laughing and not paying attention...ah, my sweet five year old girl.

IMG 1841 copywat

Jeppy's turn. Of course, being two, he didn't want any instruction. He wanted to do it himself!

IMG 1858 copywat

Trying to figure out where the noise is coming from.

IMG 1847 copywat

This little guy actually got some real sounds out once his daddy showed him how to put his lips.

IMG 1830 copywat

A happy time. He's such a good daddy. I am blessed.

IMG 1867 copywat