I met Tricia this summer at our church’s VBS.  She and her son, Steven, were in a room with a big batch of preschoolers, including mine, and had smiles on their faces every time I went down the hallway to take pictures of the little guys.  Shortly after that, she and Jeff got married, and I saw on facebook a picture of a lock with their names and the date engraved and then smaller locks with their kids’ names engraved on each one, all attached to the big one.  I thought it was such  a wonderful image symbolizing family and commitment.  I loved meeting up with them right after Christmas to take some pictures of all of them together.  I was so impressed with their bunch of boys and one sweet girl. The big guys were great sports, even doing this the day after Christmas when it’s hard to be motivated to even move!  Wyatt told me his favorite things they’d all been doing, Eden smiled like the beautiful young lady she is in the stack of brothers and Colt was hamming it up for us, totally encouraged by the laughs of his big brothers. Family is a wonderful thing and the love they have is evident.  Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your awesome crew!

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