She's one of my dearest friends and I never quite feel like I get enough time with her. Yesterday we sat next to each other at church and it was torture not to talk the whole time. I started chatting a few times and Ben laughed and raised his eyebrows beside me. I know, I know, I'll be quiet.

She's such a gift in my life, one that I didn't even know that I needed. Her warmth, faith, kindness and laughter reaches to deep places in me. I am so very grateful for her friendship.

We decided to do their fall photos at the pumpkin patch this year and started at the duck water races. The competition heated up between mother and son but Cooper has some muscles on him and pumped like crazy.

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She's such a great mama. It always encourages me to hear the things that she's teaching Cooper and how she's having a sensitive heart to talk to him about the things that really matter. The love they have together is a really special thing.

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She is every bit as lovely of a person as she looks.

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Bribes. Yes, I believe in them. Cooper was earning a pez candy dispenser for all these wonderful smiles :).

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We played around a lot.

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She has the kind of laugh that makes you wish you could think of something else funny to say so that you could hear her laugh again.

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I think it's so her, but Cooper wasn't so sure.

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This is one of my favorites...Cooper photo bombing the shot I was taking of his mom.

25-IMG 2799 copy

Mom is good at getting that little guy to laugh...tongue hanging out he waits to see if she really will kiss the cow :). Thanks for a fun time!

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