When I mentioned that I'd be up for doing one more mini session in the snow, my friend, Chandra said that their extended family was going to be together and might be up for it. Sure enough,she asked and with everyone in town, they took the opportunity. They were trying to remember when they'd had their last family pictures taken together and besides weddings, they guessed it had been since the 90's. Whoa. Time for an update. They were awesome and fun and easy. We tried to get lots of the different groupings like smaller families, siblings, cousins, and such along with some group shots. Thanks for coming out and making the effort, everyone!

At first, though, I played around and did a few extras with Caleb and Olivia since they were there early...and they are really great kids.

Man, he wanted to get me. I may have been egging him on just a bit.

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02-IMG 0254 copy


03-IMG 0241 copy

What a gorgeous little penguin!


06-IMG 0279 copy

07-IMG 0288 copy

Susan was the only daughter out of Donna's four children, though when I asked who got in the most trouble, she was the unanimous reply ;).

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