I’m so thankful for family friends.  Our girls have gone to school together and became friends, and like often happens, we became friends with Jason and Michalina as a result.  I know the delight that they have in their girls and they have been very warm and generous to our family as well.  Michalina is a tender hearted sweetheart and my boys just rub up on her like little cats.  Izzy has a laugh that makes me really happy and every time it reminds me of one of my childhood friends.  Lily plays like she’s a bit shy but there’s really a ham down deep inside of her which you can get a peek of in this shoot.

Michalina has taken my classes and really just has a lovely eye for details and interaction.  She documents her family and captures so many of the great everyday moments.  She even does what I really encourage parents to do, and hands off the camera to her hubby, Jason, so she can be in lots of pictures too.  During this session I wanted to get lots of them together and also lots of her.

We met up on a very fall-ish day in Tacoma when the fog was not burning off but the color was so beautiful.  We started out at the Spanish Steps and then went to Wright Park which was literally crawling with photographers and families.  It is a gorgeous spot with lots of old colorful trees, no wonder.