I met up with Todd and Keyna a few weeks back so we could take some engagement pictures about a week and a half before their wedding. It was a totally enjoyable and low key night for me as we chatted about kids, favorite spots in Tacoma, and wedding plans. I feel like I am always learning something new about this area and they had some great recommendations for daytrips and places to visit.

Keyna warned me at the get go that she was usually one to avoid being in front of the camera and she's not the first person to tell me that. I don't think anyone I photograph really feels like a model :). What I do hope to do is make you feel comfortable enough to get a good glimpse of you. Once we started, the way that Todd feels about Keyna and Keyna feels about Todd came right through....and that was just what I was hoping for.

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I'm always impressed with creative proposals. Todd had rented out one of their favorite theaters where he took his girl and popped the question.

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Todd and Keyna, I wish you all the very best in your marriage. Thanks for a really great night.

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