Last year's trip to the pumpkin patch with my family was done in knee high mud and torrential rain. We made the best of it but were soaked to the bone by the end. This year it was 75 degrees and there were swirls of dust around the farm. When does that ever happen in Washington?

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We started at the duck races.

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My sister Kelly and my dad had been to my photography class the day before so we were mucking around following the kids and adjusting ISO, f-stops, shutter speed and lighting. That left the daddies to make sure the kids didn't get soaking wet or put things in their mouths. Hmmmm.



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Our little ragamuffin bunch. Jasper's looking longingly back towards the ducks.

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She calls him Do-Do. He calls her Wi-ey. Cousins.

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There was a little bit of stress when someone couldn't get himself up on a pumpkin.

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He's becoming quite the ham.

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For those of you who've taken my photography class...and for those who want a freebee :)....when I was at eye level with the Quinny and Theo in the pumpkin boxes, you could see a lineup for porta potties in the back and any which way I angled they were still there. I shot up slightly and had the beautiful sky as my backdrop. Key: shoot from different angles for visual interest and to avoid potty shots.

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Sweet Livy made her first trip but seemed unimpressed with it all, even her little pumpkin hat and preferred to be napping the whole time. Quinn preferred to pose herself for family pictures :).

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Ben's rule is that you can have as big of a pumpkin as you want, so long as you can carry it to the wheel barrow yourself. Ruby muscled over a grandmama of a pumpkin and the batch weighted in at 70 lbs.

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Happy memories and a whackload of pumpkins to carve...but that's Ben's job. I just take the pictures :) .

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